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Yo!Coach's ready-to-deploy learner mobile apps unlock a plethora of benefits for entrepreneurs, allowing them to embark on their entrepreneurial journey seamlessly, while empowering learners to enhance their knowledge and skills on-the-go.

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Popular Mobile Apps Delivering Value in the Industry

Learning is a never-ending process and these popular mobile apps provide enriching learning opportunities, adding significant value to the learning experience of learners.

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Walk-through of Learner Mobile App for your eLearning Marketplace

Our learner mobile application is meticulously designed to help learners seamlessly connect with tutors that are registered on the elearning marketplace. Here is the workflow of the learner app.

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Cutting Edge Features of Ready-Made Learner Mobile App

A learner mobile app encapsulates cutting edge features that pave the way for a more immersive and personalized learning.


Smart Search

Provides learners with relevant search results, i.e. lets them find what they are looking for. Filters include availability, price, subjects, and more.

Availability Calendar

Lets users see the availability of tutors at glance, i.e. whether they are available or booked for a particular time slot.

Reviews and Ratings

Helps learners to provide and see valuable feedback in terms of ratings and reviews. This aids in transparency and trust building.


This feature allows the learners to interact with the app in their local language from across the globe.

Browse Sessions (One-to-One & Group Classes)

Using this feature, learners can easily browse for sessions, i.e. one to one & group classes.

Video/Text Chat

Learners can connect with tutors either face-to-face via video in real-time or connect via text chat.

File Sharing

Workspace is a common space between tutors and learners over which files (DOC, PDF) can be shared to enhance learning.


Learners can use a whiteboard for effective collaboration with tutors in order to visualize and simplify concepts.

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New Release

On-The-Go Learning with the Readymade Yo!Coach Apps

Provide a feature-rich learning experience with readymade mobile apps for your elearning marketplace. Learners can now;

  • Search, Book & Schedule Lessons/Teachers
  • Initiate message conversation with Tutor
  • Interaction with Teachers via Video Call
  • Use integrated tools for interactive learning

See What Clients Say About Yo!Coach

Yo!Coach had been great from the beginning of my business journey. Their commitment to the customers is unparalleled. The time difference doesn't really become a problem because they're so accommodating and willing to go the extra mile to make sure the customers happy. You don't even feel it. I've added many things to my original package. I've made lots of changes & they've guided me through the whole process without making me feel like they were focused on money. They've always help me make the right decisions for me and my company.

Jessica Bergman CEO of Just Better Education

FATbit, I would say have been very responsive to all of our needs. I think it is fair to say that we probably weren't the easiest customers they've had because our requirements were so bespoke and niche. But FATbit were flexible and accommodating to all of our requests which was great. So I have got nothing but positive things to say about FATbit and the platform itself Yo!Coach proved to be sufficiently flexible to accommodate our needs. So in summary, we've had a good experience. So thank you FATbit.

Sebastian Hall Co-founders of Airside Chat

I have been dealing with FATbit for 2 years now and it has been a great business relationship, they are very great developers, even if they can't necessarily do something right away, they usually can figure it out. They have X force or something. I am a perfectionist and I want things in a certain way. They have delivered, every time, I have asked them to deliver certain features. The communication is very great as far as me being able to text them or email them or even jump on a video call. So I highly recommend FATbit for your development needs.

India C. Barnes Founder of Online K12 Tutors

We started with another software from the UK, called TutorCruncher. I guess it is quite popular platform over there and alot of the startups are using it now. It did its job, but soon we realized it required a lot of administration from myself and my helpers. And, so everything had to be done by hand. Towards the beginning of 2021, we realized that we wanted to migrate it to a more of a marketplace-like solution.

It was about that time that I decided to review the product called Yo!Coach from the company called FATbit Technologies. The biggest selling feature of Yo!Coach was that I could have the source code and install the product on my own VM on the cloud. And they had very good technical support. Basically, they had the whole platform installed for me within just a couple of days and it was up and running.

So now I have been running the Yo!Coach for almost a year now. I am quite happy with it and of course, overall I would say it exceeded my expectation.

Alexander Kolchinsky Founder of Russian Math Tutors

Every solution was taking too much time with nothing less than 6 - 8 months, and it was time we did not have. That's when we found FATbit's Yo!Coach. We explored our vision around what Yo!Coach had to offer, and to our surprise, it fit exactly what we had in mind, and we had a live demo of Yo!Coach. We took the chance of picking up a solution to run our vision on, and we haven't regretted it any bit. So far, it's been a good one for the team.

Mr. Chin Wei Seong WTutors.com

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I have been seeking for long months to find the platform that suits my needs. But I couldn't find at all as there was always something missing until I found Yo!Coach platform. This platform contains lots of options and, things you can use in your educational website. As they have, special profile for every teacher going to sign up on a platform. They have, teachers and students login. Also, there is more than five payment gateways for the pay-in and pay-out. So, I really recommend it for anyone who wants to start an educational business online. Choose a FATbit and their Yo!Coach platform.

Mohamed ElSayedCEO of The Everest

My journey with FATbit has been a long one. It took hours and patience getting the website done and to the exact expectations I asked for. FATbit never gives up, they always deliver what they say no matter how much overtime they spend on theproject and customer. My developer Eddie, my sales contact Kesa went over and above the call of duty to stay on top of this project. End result; A beautiful and powerfully functional site that will change the worlds way of learning a new language. Thank you FATbit.

KELLY We Yak Yak - Online Language Learning Portal

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We are a brick and mortar physical location language school franchise. Once the COVID-19 shut down happened we needed to move online. Yo!Coach provides a very modern platform for us to execute not only language learning but all types of learning.

Rey D Angelo Online Tutoring Platform

At Fatbit I have found professionalism and a friendly, responsive ,approach, that helping me solve all the queries I had regarding my project

Dr. Mario Innaro Language Explorer - Online Language Learning Portal Portal

One-stop solution To Launch Your Online Tutoring Platform & Mobile App

Yo!Coach offers a web system along with learner apps(Android & iOS) that allow learners to access the content at their own pace. Above all, Yo!Coach aids in building your brand and business.

Tech Stack


  • What is Yo!Coach Learner App?

    Yo!Coach is an eLearning software solution that offers a ready-made learner app, which is meticulously designed keeping the needs of online learners in mind. Being feature-rich the app provides on-the-go-learning experience and facilitates learners to search, book and schedule lessons.

  • Are there any geographical limitations while using the Yo!Coach Ready-to-Launch Learner App?

    No, there are no geographical limitations.

  • Is the learner app available for both Android and iOS?

    Yes, the learner app is available for both Android and iOS.

  • Is there any Yo!Coach mobile app video tour available?

    Yes, the mobile app tour is available. Check Now

  • Explain the working of the Learner Mobile App

    The working of the learner mobile app is straightforward:

    • Login
    • Find your tutor
    • Choose the time slot
    • Make the payment
    • Start Learning
  • Can I change the app labels as per my need?

    Yes, the labels of the app can certainly be updated as per your requirements. We have a section dedicated to label management in the admin dashboard.

  • What is the tech stack of the app?

    Google Flutter Framework: It uses Dart as the programming language and supports Android and iOS platforms.

  • Is there any limit to the number of users/learners who can use the app?

    No, there is no limit to the number of users who can use the app.

  • Is the app multilingual?

    Yes, the app is multilingual.

  • Do the apps work independently or will it work along with the system?

    Yo!Coach is a software solution that comes with the complete package, which includes the web system and the learner mobile app for Android and iOS users. (Source code is only included for Web System)

  • Is the learner app white-label?

    Yo!Coach is a white-label solution. So, the app is also white-label.

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