Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

What is Yo!Coach?
How does a platform built with Yo!Coach work?
Who can use Yo!Coach to build a tutoring/consultation platform?
What are the Different Pricing Packages of Yo!Coach?
What makes Yo!Coach appropriate for launching an online tutoring & consultation platform?
Does the system has the whiteboard feature?
How can a tutor and student connect on the Yo!Coach platform?
What all niches can be catered to using Yo!Coach?
Is Yo!Coach a white label solution?
Do I need to pay on a monthly basis or is it a one-time payment for the system?
Is there any user manual available with Yo!Coach?
Can a platform like Verbling, Preply, or Cambly be built with Yo!Coach?
How long will it take to launch the platform once I have made the payment?
What extra benefits shall I get if I purchase Yo!Coach?
Is there a class recording feature available in Yo!Coach?
How frequently do you update the system as per market trends and needs?
Which APIs are integrated into Yo!Coach?
What are the different business models supported by the system?
What are the different revenue channels possible through Yo!Coach?
Are there any geographical limitations in Yo!Coach?
Can I change the language of the system?
What is the default currency of the system?
Is Yo!Coach GDPR Compliant?
How does the admin set the commission rate in Yo!Coach?
Is the system scalable?
Does Yo!Coach support multiple currencies?
Can multiple admins be created in Yo!Coach?
What is the procedure to upgrade the existing platform built using Yo!Coach?
Can I combine Yo!Coach into my existing LMS?
Will the full product be delivered with source code database scripts?
Can the source code be altered by the owner of the marketplace?
Is a dedicated email notification system a part of the product? If yes, are configurations available?
What are the technical specifications required to set up Yo!Coach?
What should be the server requirements for the configuration of this product?
By whom will the domain name and hosting be managed at an initial stage?
Will a knowledge transfer session be conducted for a better understanding of the product?
Will you conduct a competitor and market analysis of the eLearning industry?
Would the product be deployed in our environment?
Does the system have PWA functionality?
Will lifetime access be offered by the product?
For how long will the tech support be provided? Will it be paid?
Is there any limit to the number of teachers/students I can have on my platform?
Is Yo!Coach SSL compliant? If yes, is it included in the cost?
Can my existing website be migrated to this platform?
Can I set up my local payment gateway in the system?
Can live chat support be added to the system?
Is Yo!Coach SEO-friendly?
Admin has rights to create sub-admins?
Can the teachers and students check the scheduled lessons as per their time zones?

Yes, teachers and students can see the scheduled lessons as per their time zones simplifying the problem for teachers and students located in different time zones.

They can go to "Settings" and select their "Time Zone".

How can new teachers approach students?
Are there any special equipment required by teachers and students to use the website launched by Yo!Coach?
What are the trial sessions? How can students schedule trial sessions?
Is there any demo or tutorial available for Yo!Coach?
How to contact Yo!Coach's support team?

The Yo!Coach support team can be contacted via email, phone, or live chat.


Phone: +1 469 844 3346

Live Chat:

Teacher's Section

What is the onboarding process for a teacher on this platform?

Teacher onboarding is a quite simple and short process on this platform.

  • Teachers need to sign up with their email addresses.
  • A verification email with a link will be sent to the email address. Teachers are required to verify the email addresses by clicking on the link.
  • After the verification, teachers can fill their application form which is then sent to the admin for the approval.
  • Once the admin approves the application form, the teacher can then create his/her profile and is ready to take classes.
How to create a teacher profile?
Is there any option to add accents, dialects, and skills in teachers profiles?
How can teachers add resume items to their profile?
Is there any option to upload an introduction video to make teachers profiles more attractive?
How can teachers set their availability?
Can teachers set their availability for the complete week?
How can teachers set their country and time zone?
How can teachers set their lesson rates/hourly rates?
Is it mandatory for the teacher to offer free trial sessions?
How can teachers enhance their profiles and make them outstanding?
Can teachers edit their availability if they are not available for a few days?
Is there any option for teachers to create a lesson plan and share it with students?
Can a teacher reschedule a lesson if he/she misses it?
What if a teacher cannot attend an upcoming session booked by the student?
What if a student misses a booked lesson?
Is there any feature to record audio and video?
Can teachers gift a lesson/session to the students?
Is there any option to rate and review the teachers?
How can teachers improve their ranking in the teacher list?
How can teachers lock their lesson rates for individual students?
Can teachers receive more than 12 hours notice on bookings?
Can teachers teach lessons using a mobile device?
How and when do teachers receive the payments?
How can teachers withdraw payment from their wallet?

Student's Section

How can students start their first lesson?

To start the first lesson:

  • Sign in to the account. Click on "Find a Teacher".
  • All the teachers registered on the portal will be displayed on the screen. Students can shortlist the teachers from the list as per their requirements.
  • Students can also use filters based on language and availability to narrow down the search and get a more refined list of teachers.
  • Students can then schedule a free trial with the shortlisted teachers to get an idea of the teacher.
  • Post that, the students can select a teacher that suits them and continue with their classes.
How do new students get started?
Can students search tutors based on their location?
Can students leave feedback for a teacher?
How can students purchase a lesson?
How can students schedule a lesson?
How can students reschedule a lesson?
How can students cancel a lesson?
How does a student get a refund for their lesson?
What if a student misses a booked lesson?
Is there any feature to record audio and video?
Is there any option to rate and review the teachers?

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