Version 3.0

New Features

Lesson Subscription

The learners can subscribe to a tutor's lessons for a month. Post which the subscription will be charged from the learner's wallet. If enough money is not there in the wallet, the subscription will expire.

Group Class Package Management

This feature allows tutors to create a series of group classes (listed as a package). The same is available to learners for enrollment.

Theme Management

According to the brand's primary and secondary colors, the admin can manage the theme of emails and the platform. This eventually helps with the branding.

Bank Transfer Payment Gateway

The learners can now select Bank transfer as a mode of payment. The payment is done offline and on the basis of the receipt submitted by the learner, the admin marks the payment of the lesson as paid.

Inline Scheduling

The processing of an order has been simplified as learners can schedule lessons while booking a session. Besides, an availability calendar is also part of the booking process now. This facilitates learners to schedule more than one lesson at a time.


UI Upgrades

For better customer acquisition and engagement, the admin theme has been modified. Even the features have been categorized under the relevant menu.

Speed Increase

To increase the speed from the core, the code has been refactored. Now, more than 50,000 users can load in less than a second.

Admin Reports

Settlement reports have been added to view refunds, teacher payouts, and commission.

Learner Withdrawl Request from the Wallet

This feature enables learners to withdraw money from their wallets if sufficient funds are available.

Order Listing and Details in Admin and User Dashboards

Details regarding transactions, users, and time have been added to the order listing. Similarly, more details have been added to the admin dashboard for a summarized view.

Version 2.4

New Features

Website and Email Theme Management

This feature offers different themes for website and email templates that can be useful in branding. Any client can choose themes on the basis of their brand colors that will reflect on the website and email templates. The themes help in making the email and the website aesthetically pleasing.


Group Class Slots Management

The admin can select and manage time slots for group classes, thereby, giving access and flexibility to tutors to conduct a class as per the available slots.

Unread Message Notifications

If a message is unread either by the tutor or learner, then after a set duration of time (as set by the admin), an unread message notification is sent over the mail.

Attachments in Messages

Attaching documents and images in messages simplifies the communication between a tutor and a learner as both can share documents with each other.

Update Quantity Button Removal

Earlier there was a button to update the quantity of a lesson during checkout. The same has been removed. Now the course quantity is updated dynamically.

Version 2.3

New Features

Multiple Price Slab

The admin can create the lesson slabs and the teachers will be able to define the lesson pricing in slabs such as 1-5, 6-10, and so on. The will eventually help learners to purchase the lessons in any quantity and avail discounted prices.

GDPR - Right to Erasure

Yo!Coach 2.3 allows the learners and tutors to raise a request to the admin to delete their personal information to comply with the GDPR policies.


Performance & Security Updates
  • The admin can set the window duration to report an issue by the learner and even escalate the issue after being resolved by the tutor.
  • Refined URL rewriting Module
  • Refined Meta tags Module
  • Robots.txt file added to disallow indexing of the unwanted pages and avoid overloading the platform with requests.
UI/UX Fixes

The UI/UX of all the front-end pages has been revamped for a fresh look.

  • Home page
  • Find a tutor
  • Tutor profile page
  • Checkout pages
  • Apply to teach
  • Tutor Registration Form
  • Group Classes
  • About us
  • Contact us
  • FAQs
  • Tutor Dashboard pages
  • Learner Dashboard page

Version 2.2

New Features

Payment Gateways
  • Paystack
  • PayGate
  • 2Checkout/2CO
Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

Providing an app-like experience, Yo!Coach 2.2 is available as a PWA which can be downloaded as a web application on mobile devices. Notable benefits of PWA include its speed, accessibility to work directly from the browser, and a smooth experience across mobile devices.

Auto Detection of Language

Yo!Coach 2.2 has this added feature of detecting the default language of the browser and converting the platform's content into that language.

Session Duration Management

Admin can allow sessions of different durations (30 minutes, 45 minutes, 60 minutes, 120 minutes) to be conducted on the platform.


Meta Tag Module

Admins can now create meta tags for individual pages like teachers, group classes, blog, etc. in addition to the CMS pages.

Enhanced Reports
  • Admin can view the commission earned from each tutor.
  • The history of lesson cancellation/rescheduling of each tutor can also be viewed by the admin.
Performance Improvements

SQL queries and images are optimized in Yo!Coach 2.2 for the better loading speed of the platform

Version 2.1

New Integrations


To enhance the experience of the virtual classrooms, Yo!Coach 2.1 is integrated with Zoom. It allows:

  • Screen Sharing
  • Dynamic Voice Detection
  • Large Group Meetings & Webinars

With an extensive set of features, Yo!Coach 2.1 helps to conduct one-to-one and group classes easily and more efficiently. Its features include:

  • Multiplayer Learning Tools like shared whiteboards, documents, and code editors
  • Import & Annotate Documents
  • Manage Everything From Single Dashboard
Google Analytics

It helps to draw insights from in-depth analysis like visitor statistics, bounce rate, traffic sources, and much more, to deliver better experiences and derive results.

PayPal PayOuts

Making the process of payment transfer easy and efficient, PayPal PayOuts also enables to issue payments to multiple vendors at once.


GDPR Compliant

To enhance the system security and offer control to the users over their personal data, Yo!Coach 2.1 complies with GDPR policies. This security enhancement makes the system highly committed to the user's right to privacy and protection.


Yo!Coach 2.1 comes integrated with XML and HTML sitemap which helps search engines find, crawl, and index all of your website's content. Indicating the important pages, the sitemap also helps visitors and search engines navigate the website.

Detailed Reports

The detailed reports generated by Yo!Coach 2.1 helps in analyzing the performance of the online business while also identifying the areas of improvement.

Bank Transaction Charges

Admin can set the bank transaction charges (flat/percentage) in Yo!Coach 2.1 which are to be deducted from the tutor's payable amount.

Improved UI/UX

The UI/UX enhancements offer a competitive edge and maximize the chances of turning potential visitors into customers.

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