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The Mission

The saying 'Games are decided in the head', emphasizes the pivotal role of a strong, resilient, and confident mindset in sports. Mindsight Sport founder Phil Philipou recognized this and envisioned helping football professionals develop mental resilience and the right mindset for the game.

With over 18 years of experience in this domain, he set out to launch an online football mentoring business. Phil's vision included building an innovative online platform, where football professionals, could connect, interact, with mindset experts, and enhance their performance.

Defining the Requirements

The Mindsight Sport team's vision encompassed the need for a feature-rich platform that could provide a collaborative and interactive learning environment for sports professionals.

In order to serve their target audience effectively, they wanted software tailored to their specific football coaching needs. Yo!Coach turned out to be an ideal choice for them due to its versatility and compatibility with their requirements.

Some of the requirements shared by our client included
  • UX/UI enhancements
  • Easy registration
  • Discussion forum
  • GDPR compliance
  • Seamless payments
  • Multicurrency functionality

The Solution

Through Mindsight Sport, Phil's ambition of offering online football mentoring has come alive. By utilizing the pre-built features and functionality offered by Yo!Coach, he could launch a robust platform effortlessly connecting football professionals, with mindset experts.

The software was a perfect fit for their requirements and could cater to a sports coaching industry-specific niche effortlessly. The features enabled seamless interaction among users and offered easy management of the business operations.

Creating Unique Experiences

With our cutting-edge technology, we helped the Mindsight Sport team unlock their business potential through solution made exclusively for their needs. Sports mindset coaching involves a lot of interaction among experts and sports professionals, nevertheless, Mindsight Sport could leverage that functionality with Yo!Coach.

Advanced video conferencing tools, dedicated marketing modules, and many more such features made Yo!Coach a perfect fit for their business. Furthermore, with seamless UX/UI, they could ensure exceptional user experience and satisfaction.

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Advanced Search Filters

Mindsight Sport team wanted to offer advanced search filters for users' convenience. With Yo!Coach functionality, they could offer various football coaching-specific search filters such as mentor's expertise, level, location, price, availability, gender, and more for easy search.

Individual / Group Sessions

The Mindsight Sport team wanted the flexibility of offering both one-to-one as well as group sessions on their platform. With our solution, this requirement was seamlessly fulfilled.

Informative Blogs

Blogging is an effective marketing tool for an eLearning business to connect with its audience. By leveraging the software's capabilities, the Mindsight Sport team can seamlessly publish informative blogs and attract their target audience.

Video Chat

Mastering soccer skills and enhancing mental resilience requires constant collaboration between mentors and players. With Yo!Coach, Mindsight Sport could effectively engage users by providing a seamless video and audio chat.


Leveraging the multicurrency functionality of Yo!Coach, Mindsight Sport is able to serve a global customer base. Moreover, the pre-integrated currency conversion API converts the currency rates automatically as per the global standard rates.

Discussion Forum

Discussion forum plays an important role in offering a collaborative and interactive learning experience to players, and mentors. With Yo!Coach, Mindsight Sport was able to offer a discussion forum to their users enabling seamless interaction and query resolution.

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The Result

Mindsight Sport is successfully bridging the gap between football professionals, and mindset mentors through its innovative online platform. Since its launch, many experienced coaches, and mindset experts have joined the platform to offer their expertise. Simultaneously, several football professionals are registering themselves on the platform to sharpen their skills. Moving forward, with an innovative football mentoring platform, Mindsight Sport strives to be a successful pioneer in the online sports coaching landscape.

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