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The Mission

Mqondisi Bhebhe (Founder of Read With Us and a teacher ) had a mission to connect children of working parents with personalized tutors so that children could unlock their potential, and become changemakers. So, he came up with the idea to build an online reading and tutoring platform, using which parents could search and select tutors or courses.

Key Requirements

Given the busy schedule of parents, Mqondisi wanted to build a platform that provided an illustrative and engaging environment for learning children. So he wanted our team to build a platform with the following:

  • Audio/video chat for seamless communication.
  • Feature to deliver one-on-one sessions and group sessions.
  • Multiple payment options for quick payment processing.

Driving Positive Outcomes

I would say the relationship with FATbit is quite positive. Like when I look at the SEO work FATbit is doing for me - I have got a presence on the internet and that support is coming from FATbit.

Mqondisi Bhebhe, Founder of Read With Us

The Solution

Mqondisi's vision was successfully accomplished with Read With Us, a platform that is built with FATbit's online tutoring software Yo!Coach. It efficiently connects children with reading tutors and facilitates steps toward addressing the literacy gap.

Creating Unique Experiences

In this age of technological advancements, where user expectations are higher and the competition is fierce, it is vital to deliver the most unique experiences to drive growth and retention. Hence, we delivered a platform with rich features that facilitate a seamless user experience.

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Audio/Video Chat

For personalized and impactful learning, audio/video chat was incorporated. It facilitates seamless engagement between learners and tutors


We incorporated this feature as it assists in increasing the potential market area and expanding the targeted consumer base, which in turn can affect footfall and impact sales

Multiple Payment Gateways

To increase the rate of successful transactions, support of multiple payment gateways has been provided. This also facilitates a smooth buying experience.

Gift Cards

To make an impactful impression that lasts, users and tutors can send gift cards to students to show their appreciation. This helps with building brand awareness and customer loyalty, which ultimately drives sales.

Ratings and Reviews

To help users make confident decisions about selecting a tutor/course, ratings and reviews have been incorporated. This feature provides the best form of user-generated content that helps in trust building.

Individual/Group Classes

A tutor can either conduct group classes on a particular topic or deliver individual sessions to focus better on the learning needs of the learner.

Deliver a rich user experience with Yo!Coach
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Offering Tailored Support, Every Step of the Way!

FATbit has very good customer service. I don't know if they work 24 hours a day, but every time I need something or someone to reach out to, the response is always immediate

Mqondisi Bhebhe, Founder of Read With Us

The Result

Read With Us, a UK-based platform was successfully built and launched with our advanced online tutoring software - Yo!Coach. This platform efficiently caters to the learning needs of the children in the country. Several skilled and experienced tutors have already registered with them to offer their tutoring services. By leveraging the functionalities offered by our software, this platform could successfully offer both live and self-paced courses on their platform.

"Read With Us is growing by the day. There are more than 400 users using the platform and it is a profitable business."

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