Enterprise eLearning Business Model

Best eLearning platform development Software to cater to businesses and organizations looking to upskill their workforce

enterprise elearning business model

Corporate eLearning is Shaping the Businesses of Tomorrow

Most economies are quickly moving towards knowledge-resourced survival strategies and enterprise eLearning is the most sought-after knowledge management pedagogy. It helps companies of all sizes (across the globe) to enhance the capabilities of their workforce and is instrumental in amplifying concrete business goals. By creating elearning platform you can aid businesses to:

Create a Culture of
Lifelong Learning
Skill Gaps
360° Feedback

Leading Enterprise eLearning Platforms

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Anatomy of Enterprise eLearning Business

An eLearning business environment comprises people and processes that lay the foundation for achieving organizational goals via technology. By adopting an eLearning business model, organizations empower their employees to master new skills by connecting them with online tutors in real-time.

Features Of Elearning Platform Software to Drive Business Outcomes

Advanced Capabilities

Advanced Capabilities for Organization's Account Owner

The admin of an enterprise eLearning platform can quickly set up user groups, add or remove users and assign courses to them.

Analytics & Report Generation to Quantify Employee Progress

Enterprise account owners can gain actionable insights from analytics to measure the team's progress. And, adjust the program to meet the changing needs of their employees.

Analytics & Report Generation


A set of configurable security measures can be used to control the security level of the enterprise eLearning platform.

Perfect Base for your Enterprise eLearning Website Development

Keeping up with the evolving learning trends, Yo!Coach, a leading software to launch online tutoring and consultation marketplace can be updated to create custom eLearning platforms.


Default Yo!Coach System

All the essential ingredients to launch an elearning business in a short span of time

Yo-cocah Bracet

Custom Development

  • Essential Features for your Enterprise Elearning Business
  • Enterprise level user account
  • Enterprise package plan settings
  • Separate admin dashboard for an organization
  • Tracking of employee engagement and progress
  • Personalized content recommendations to businesses
  • Custom course creation
  • Communication between organization account owner and teacher
  • Analytics and reporting for the courses delivered
  • Custom payment flow process
  • Other custom features as per the business requirement
Lifetime License
White-lable Solution
Scalable Infrastructure

Corporate eLearning Platform Development

In this era of dynamic technological advancements, leverage the enhanced capabilities of our eLearning platform development company to engineer your enterprise eLearning platform, that is aligned with your values, vision, and brand identity.


Advanced Custom eLearning Platform Development to Empower you for Disruption in the eLearning Market

We are the experts in the online learning arena. Our strategists keep up with the latest market know-about. Before developing Yo!Coach, we did a lot of research to incorporate the latest features and functionalities, to cater to different, successful business models. We understand that this industry is rapidly growing every day and businesses want their MVP to be unique so that they can win the confidence of early adopters.

We at Yo!Coach are fully equipped with a team of agile developers and designers to bring your unique eLearning business model to life. After a thorough analysis of your requirements, we will create Functional Requirements Documents and you can also pick a feature set from Yo!Coach system.


What You Can Expect?

Custom eLearning software development is more than buying a product. As a core competency, it is an investment in innovation. With our custom software development services, we shape our clients' investments with a rational view of returns and bridge the gap between ideation, strategy, and execution. Successful engagement with our custom software development services includes the following:

Design & Development
Services - Tailored
Direct Access to
Project Owner & other
Development Resources
Investment of $18 to $25/hr,
for strategy, design
and development
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