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Nexia Wellness

Online Health & Wellness Marketplace
Country - USA

Nexia Wellness is a virtual health and wellness marketplace where people can connect with vetted health professionals to get consultation on holistic healing practices. It's designed to bridge the gap between conventional and holistic practices.

The Nexia Wellness team greeted FATbit with a requirement to build a virtual marketplace, based on the one to one and group consultation business model. We presented them with our readymade software Yo!Coach, which featured many of the requested features out of the box.

After getting the heads up for platform development, our team set about working on custom requirements, which consisted of design updates for brand alignment, and functionality changes to cater specific use cases(group class duration, Google calendar sync and migration of users, transactions, labels and schedules).

Just Better Education

Just Better Education

Online Tutoring Platform
Country - UK

Just Better Education is a UK-based online tutoring platform designed to connect tutors and pupils in starting a journey to more enjoyable, fulfilling lessons. Its mission is to help pupils from across the world fulfill their potential with the aid of qualified online tutors.

Having heard of Yo!Coach and its offerings the team of Just Better Education approached us. They requested a personalized demo. Much to their satisfaction, Yo!Coach met all of their requirements and Just Better Education was launched. From requirement gathering to deployment, the process was hassle-free.



Online tutoring platform
Country: Hong Kong(China)

Wtutors is a Hong-Kong based online tutoring platform that offers affordable learning and skill improvement opportunities to learners across the world.In a South Asian market, the concept of online tutoring is still relatively new and that's what acted as an inspirational trigger for Wtutors' founder. Not only is online tutoring more economical than hiring private foreign tutors but it's much more convenient too.

We helped Wtutors team build the kind of online tutoring platform they had in mind through our ready-made solution - Yo!Coach. Several Yo!Coach's in-built features such a multilingual, multi-currency, live video-conferencing, code editor, workplace, and whiteboard proved purpose-built for many of the platform's basic requirements. Various design changes and feature customizations were performed as per Wtutor's larger business objectives.



Online Language Learning Marketplace
Country - USA

Ubuntu is a unified language learning platform that connects people aspiring to learn and teach popular sub-Saharan languages through live video interactions.

In one way it's dedicated to the African people in diaspora, who have little access to learn their native languages overseas. At the same time, Ubuntu is committed to bring a positive change in the social and economic development of the African people.

Ubuntu team had heard about the exploits of Yo!Coach in the online language learning domain. After a few rounds of personalized demo presentations there were few doubts in their mind that Yo!Coach was a perfect match for their requirements. We deployed the platform after catering to some specific UX/UI customizations.


Read With Us

Online Reading Tutoring Platform
Country: UK

Read With Us is a UK based online reading tutoring platform for preschoolers and kindergarten. Given the busy schedules of parents and lack of interest and guidance given to kids in good reading habits, our clients wanted to remedy the situation and shape better minds for tomorrow. In Read With Us, learners get an illustrative and engaging environment with personal expert tutoring to enhance their vocabulary, fluency and comprehension in reading.

The working model of Read With Us was largely in line with Yo!Coach's offerings. Our team made certain operational customizations in the platform such as for lesson duration, message notifications, homepage sliders and color themes to complete the scope of work.


The Legal Room

Online Legal Consultation Platform
Country - UAE

The Legal Rooms is a UAE based online platform that helps connect lawyers and legal consultants with their prospective clients. The platform is built on the belief that affordable and accurate legal advice should be accessible to everyone.

Having heard of Yo!Coach's versatility to cater online legal consultation platforms, our client requested us for a personalized demo to see how aligned his requirements were with the software. It turned out, the two were very much aligned. Both the one to one and group video-conferencing modules slotted perfectly. As far as customizations are concerned, some visual and niche-oriented modifications were made to make Legal Rooms more tailored towards its end-users.



Online Language Learning Marketplace
Country - Amalingua

Amalingua is a Paris-based online language learning platfrom. It allows learners to connect with qualified language trainers and get all the needed assistance to advance their foriegn language skills.

After the initial requirement brief and business model analysis, we presented our client with Yo!Coach. The software perfectly suited all the key requirements of Amalingua. Our client was keen on quick delivery and deployment of the platform. With Yo!Coach, that didn't prove to be a hurdle. Our team set-up the back-end as per client's request and in a matter of days, Amalingua was deployed on the client's server. Since its beginning, the platform has attracted vast numbers of learners and linguists from all around the world to drive forth a future of multilingual speakers.



Online Tutoring
Country - UAE

iTutorStore is an online tutoring platform that facilitates efficient collaboration between tutors and learners. Comprising a suite of cutting-edge features, the platform enables the delivery of digital learning experiences that address the constantly evolving needs of students and tutors.

Having discussed the business needs, our team pitched Yo!Coach, a readymade online tutoring solution. Subsequent to the client's approval, customizations were discussed and the project's scope was defined.

Further, our team did all the customizations including updates on the homepage, and the parent's dashboard from where parents can purchase sessions on behalf of their children. The client recently upgraded to the new version of Yo!Coach (V3).



Online Platform For Islamic Studies
Country - USA

Kuttab is an online platform for people wanting to memorize the Quran, learn Arabic language and dive deep into Islamic studies. The platform offers both one to one and group learning environments to help learners reach their goals faster.

Kuttab's concept of a virtual learning platform was very much in line with Yo!Coach's functionality. Our team guided the client through in-depth personalized demos to showcase the features, functionalities and wide scope of the software. Post client's approval, the Yo!Coach team set about configuring the platform as per shared requirements. Kuttab gained both the speed to market and a robust platform to operate its services with Yo!Coach.



Online Tutoring
Country - USA

Shzam is an online tutoring platform that connects two important groups - individuals who want to learn with those who want to tutor. It has an inbuilt whiteboard that offers easy communication with built-in audio, video, and chat.

The client presented a unique business idea to bring together the tutoring ecosystem in the United States and in doing so, he requested to build a tutoring platform that has a procurement model, efficient reporting, and response time, along with a module to calculate yearly tutor bonuses.

To meet the requirements, our team customized Yo!Coach V3. Before deployment, a few UX/UI customizations were also done.



Online Tutoring
Country - Azerbaijan

RighTutors is an Azerbaijan-based online tutoring platform that is built to connect learners with tutors from all around the world without any geographical limitations. Further, the platform aims to provide learners with learning opportunities that are fun and engaging.

So to equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge, whether it is a language or a subject they are preparing for, the client wanted to build an online tutoring platform. After initial requirements were shared, our team presented Yo!Coach V3 to the client. Customizations such as addition in filters and payment gateway were also done.



Online Law Coaching Platform
Country - UK

lawtutor.io is the first online law tutoring platform in the UK. It focuses exclusively on building and maintaining a network of law graduates who would like to focus on teaching their specialty to individuals who want to learn about the law, and further their studies and careers.

To help out our client to launch an online law tutoring platform, we used our ready-made solution Yo!Coach. The inbuilt features of our solution like live video conferencing, whiteboard, google calendar sync, and more, were many of the requested platform's requirements. The platform was deployed post UX/UI customization.



Personality Development
Country - South Africa

Startwise is a South Africa-based online personality development platform that connects business mentors and entrepreneurs. Using the platform entrepreneurs can get advice and guidance to unlock their full potential. This, in turn, makes them focus more efficiently and effectively on their businesses.

Being passionate about SME growth and embracing the diverse entrepreneurial spirit of South Africans, our client knew the struggles of starting and growing a small business and the power of leveraging business networks. So he wanted to build an online personality development platform that connected entrepreneurs with experts on-demand to give relevant business advice needed to grow their businesses.

Having heard of Yo!Coach, our client requested a demo. It turned out that our readymade online tutoring and consultation platform was aligned with his platform requirements. Further, certain customizations were carried out to enhance the niche-specific platform.

Edge Tutor

Edge Tutor

Online Tutoring Marketplace
Country - Singapore

Edge Tutor is an online tutoring platform that connects experienced and trained tutors with learners across the Asia-Pacific and American region. Since its inception, it has on-boarded more than 100 tutors who provide enriching learning experiences to a wide array of students.

Henry Motte-Muñoz, a Harvard Alumnus, contacted our team with the vision to launch an online tutoring platform that provides quality education to learners. All the requirements shared, aligned perfectly with Yo!Coach's capabilities.

After availing personalized and in-depth demo of Yo!Coach, Henry was certain that this software perfectly met all of the requirements. Following the client's approval, our team arranged quick delivery and deployment of the platform. With our software, Edge Tutor not only gained the advantages of a quicker time-to-market but also a robust platform to offer its services.


Language Center of Congo

Online Tutoring and Language Learning
Country - USA

Language Center of Congo is a US-based online tutoring and language learning platform. It allows individuals to learn any of the languages spoken in DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo) remotely, from anywhere in the world.

The goal of our client was to provide a more intimate learning experience that allows the building of a personal rapport between instructors and students, thus maximizing the learning experience.

After getting the requirements, our team got to work and deployed the Language Center of Congo using FATbit's readymade online tutoring and language learning software Yo!Coach. It is running successfully and is offering one-on-one video lessons, as well as small group classes online.

Quick Thinkers

Quick Thinkers

Online Tutoring Platform
Country - UK

Quick Thinkers is an online tutoring platform based in the UK. The platform is designed with the mission to solve problems faced by students in schools due to lack of attention Further, each lesson is tailored to the individual needs of the children.

After talking to the team of Quick Thinkers and gathering initial requirements, we pitched our ready-made online tutoring solution Yo!Coach. The live 1-1 tutoring sessions facilitated by our platform support students in reaching their full potential via personalized tutoring. Other features like progress tracking, review & feedback, whiteboard, and more, made our platform perfect to launch Quick Thinkers.



Online Language Learning Marketplace
Country - Egypt

Convrld is an Egypt based online language learning platform. It's inspired by the success of popular language learning platforms like Verbling, Cambly and Italki. While the client had an English learning platform in mind, he soon realized it wasn't a long stretch to incorporate multiple languages.

After taking a look at how Yo!Coach works, the client was quite assured that his requirement had found the best match possible. Our team performed all the third party integrations requested as specified in the project brief such as Google Recaptcha, Google Analytics, Google/FB login, Live Chat, Mail Chimp, Email/SMTP configuration as well as the MPGS(Visa & Mastercard) integration. Certain operational changes were made for class scheduling, rescheduling cancellation for one to one and group classes modules.

My Academy

My Academy

Online Tutoring Platform
Country - Australia

My Academy is an Australian-based eLearning platform that offers diverse tutoring services for all age groups.

Having taught at physical locations for many years, My Academy team was seeking to expand their tutoring business online. Hence, they wanted to build a rich-featured online tutoring platform. Additionally, they wanted to cater to diverse learning needs by offering both group and individual sessions.

Yo!Coach's advanced suite of features perfectly aligned with their requirements. Swiftly, we deployed our versatile software, bringing their platform to life. Since its launch, the platform has been attracting a sheer number of learners from all around the world.



Online Tutoring Platform
Country - USA

IntellaTutor is an online tutoring platform that connects students with experienced tutors for their academic and language learning needs.

IntellaTutor team envisioned entering the US eLearning industry by launching a unique platform offering both academic and language learning coaching in one place. Along with building a feature-rich platform, they wanted to incorporate online as well as in-person session booking facilities for their learners.

Based on their requirements and after gaining an understanding of the vast functionality offered by Yo!Coach, they found it to be a perfect fit for their needs. Appealing UX/UI, effortless navigation, and built-in tutoring industry-specific features enabled an effective learning experience and helped them in connecting 190+ tutors with several learners successfully.



Online Tutoring Platform
Country - Egypt

Tutorwizme is an Egypt based online tutoring platform. It has experts from a wide range of disciplines viz school/college teaching experts, career coaches, as well as corporate and business coaches. The platform offers both group collaborations and personalized one to one learning environments to help learners advance their knowledge and growth.

In our initial conversations, we assisted the client with Yo!Coach's personalized demos. Subsequent to approval, scope of the project was defined with all the customizations needed on top of Yo!Coach to cater the platform's requirements. Our team performed all the operational customizations and finally offered the digital marketing services to help the brand gain early recognition and a head-start in its market.


Ace My App

Online consulting platform
Country - USA

Ace My App is a US-based online consulting platform for graduate and high school students to connect with college admission counselors.

FATbit's initial interaction with the client revolved around his idea of a counselling service marketplace and its various use-cases. Our team of business experts then set about mapping those use-cases inside Yo!Coach. Finally, we shared the scope of work for additional customizations and work was started on Ace My App.

Drawing a great deal from Yo!Coach's inherent architecture, Ace My App was developed with a range of UI customizations to meet the US standards for mandatory document verification and address fields. We also added a packages module, where students could be charged on milestone-basis.


Hello Music

Online music learning platform
Country - Australia

Hello Music World is an Australia based global online music learning platform. It helps music lovers connect with expert musicians to learn new instruments, hone their existing skills or get help in creating some new, unique tunes.

The platform is built on Yo!Coach and offers both its one-to-one and group learning functionalities. Learners can search dedicated classes on piano, violin, clarinet, theoreticals, or a specific teacher based on his/her experience, language, region, price, and so on. Apart from this, the platform is integrated with Lessonspace API, which offers a myriad of tools and functionalities to deliver a truly immersive online music learning experience.

Our Impact - Client Testimonials

Yo!Coach had been great from the beginning of my business journey. Their commitment to the customers is unparalleled. The time difference doesn't really become a problem because they're so accommodating and willing to go the extra mile to make sure the customers happy. You don't even feel it. I've added many things to my original package. I've made lots of changes & they've guided me through the whole process without making me feel like they were focused on money. They've always help me make the right decisions for me and my company.

Jessica Bergman CEO of Just Better Education

FATbit, I would say have been very responsive to all of our needs. I think it is fair to say that we probably weren't the easiest customers they've had because our requirements were so bespoke and niche. But FATbit were flexible and accommodating to all of our requests which was great. So I have got nothing but positive things to say about FATbit and the platform itself Yo!Coach proved to be sufficiently flexible to accommodate our needs. So in summary, we've had a good experience. So thank you FATbit.

Sebastian Hall Co-founders of Airside Chat

I have been dealing with FATbit for 2 years now and it has been a great business relationship, they are very great developers, even if they can't necessarily do something right away, they usually can figure it out. They have X force or something. I am a perfectionist and I want things in a certain way. They have delivered, every time, I have asked them to deliver certain features. The communication is very great as far as me being able to text them or email them or even jump on a video call. So I highly recommend FATbit for your development needs.

India C. Barnes Founder of Online K12 Tutors

We started with another software from the UK, called TutorCruncher. I guess it is quite popular platform over there and alot of the startups are using it now. It did its job, but soon we realized it required a lot of administration from myself and my helpers. And, so everything had to be done by hand. Towards the beginning of 2021, we realized that we wanted to migrate it to a more of a marketplace-like solution.

It was about that time that I decided to review the product called Yo!Coach from the company called FATbit Technologies. The biggest selling feature of Yo!Coach was that I could have the source code and install the product on my own VM on the cloud. And they had very good technical support. Basically, they had the whole platform installed for me within just a couple of days and it was up and running.

So now I have been running the Yo!Coach for almost a year now. I am quite happy with it and of course, overall I would say it exceeded my expectation.

Alexander Kolchinsky Founder of Russian Math Tutors

Every solution was taking too much time with nothing less than 6 - 8 months, and it was time we did not have. That's when we found FATbit's Yo!Coach. We explored our vision around what Yo!Coach had to offer, and to our surprise, it fit exactly what we had in mind, and we had a live demo of Yo!Coach. We took the chance of picking up a solution to run our vision on, and we haven't regretted it any bit. So far, it's been a good one for the team.

Mr. Chin Wei Seong WTutors.com

View Case Study

I have been seeking for long months to find the platform that suits my needs. But I couldn't find at all as there was always something missing until I found Yo!Coach platform. This platform contains lots of options and, things you can use in your educational website. As they have, special profile for every teacher going to sign up on a platform. They have, teachers and students login. Also, there is more than five payment gateways for the pay-in and pay-out. So, I really recommend it for anyone who wants to start an educational business online. Choose a FATbit and their Yo!Coach platform.

Mohamed ElSayedCEO of The Everest

My journey with FATbit has been a long one. It took hours and patience getting the website done and to the exact expectations I asked for. FATbit never gives up, they always deliver what they say no matter how much overtime they spend on theproject and customer. My developer Eddie, my sales contact Kesa went over and above the call of duty to stay on top of this project. End result; A beautiful and powerfully functional site that will change the worlds way of learning a new language. Thank you FATbit.

KELLY We Yak Yak - Online Language Learning Portal

View Case Study

We are a brick and mortar physical location language school franchise. Once the COVID-19 shut down happened we needed to move online. Yo!Coach provides a very modern platform for us to execute not only language learning but all types of learning.

Rey D Angelo Online Tutoring Platform

At Fatbit I have found professionalism and a friendly, responsive ,approach, that helping me solve all the queries I had regarding my project

Dr. Mario Innaro Language Explorer - Online Language Learning Portal Portal

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Online tutoring platform
Country - Bulgaria

SkyBox is a Bulgarian online tutoring platform that offers learning and teaching options for a wide range of skills, subjects and languages. Its founders had come across one of Yo!Coach-built online language learning platforms - WeYakYak and wanted to build something similar but with a few customizations to support the needs of their local market.

Much-like other Yo!Coach built platforms, SkyBox operates on a synchronous learning business model for both one to one and group classes. Skybox's default language is set to Bulgarian to gear it towards the local population. The lessons take place via a pre-integrated 3rd party video-conferencing service - LessonSpace. Additionally, it borrows the whole suite of interactive and engagement features offered by Yo!Coach to deliver an enhanced online learning experience.

Mindsight Sport

Mindsight Sport

Online Sports Coaching Platform
Country - UK

Mindsight Sport is a UK-based online sports coaching platform that connects experienced coaches with sports enthusiasts looking to upgrade their skill sets and excel in sports. Launched with the aim to support sportspersons in their journey, this platform helps players in developing a resilient and positive mindset while facing challenges, especially in sports like football.

The client wanted to launch a unique platform offering a blend of sports and mindset coaching. In addition, they sought ready-made software that could offer them industry-specific features. They wanted the whole process to be quick and hassle-free. Keeping their requirements in mind, we deployed Yo!Coach offering similar functionality and launched their platform in less time.

Judy Academy

Judy Academy

Online Learning Platform
Country - UAE

Judy Academy is a UAE-based eLearning platform that connects learners with expert tutors offering sessions in diverse academic subjects.

The client reached out to us with the mission to launch a first-of-its-kind educational platform covering diverse educational fields ranging from language learning to School curricula, and IT courses to the Quran and more. Yo!Coach’s versatile functionality matched the exact requirements of the client.

However, a few customization requirements were also shared such as the addition of a multicategory search filter, and the implementation of the Kurdish language for the regional audience. Yo!Coach team implemented all the customizations successfully and launched a feature-packed platform in a quick time. Since its launch, several learners have enrolled themselves and more than 700 tutors have registered on the platform.



Online tutoring platform
Country - Poland

Edusofa is a Poland based online tutoring platform offering tutoring/learning opportunities in foreign languages, academics and musical instruments. The platform was launched to aid learning at a time when schools and universities were forced to shut down due to the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic.

Once Edusofa founders had shared their platform requirements, we suggested they opt for our ready-made online tutoring platform - Yo!Coach. Our team gave personalized, in-depth demos to explain group/one-to-one classes, free trial lessons module, multiple payment methods and countless other functionalities of Yo!Coach. Finally, both teams shook hands to proceed with platform development.

Dedicated primarily to the local population, Edusofa's default language is Polish. Its video-conferencing service is powered by AtomChat API, which comes pre-integrated in Yo!Coach.


Language Explorer

Online language learning platform
Country: Italy

Language Explorer is a global online language learning platform owned by a group of Italian entrepreneurs. Built with the aim of democratizing language learning, it helps connect learners and tutors from different geographies using modern technology. Our Italian clients were looking for a ready-made solution that would allow their users to connect, communicate and collaborate in a fun and engaging manner all while enhancing their foreign language skills.

In Yo!Coach, they got all of that and more. Features like one-to-one and group sessions, lesson creation, booking free trials, lesson scheduling and online whiteboard were almost tailor-made for various Language Explorer use-cases. It's video-conferencing functionality is powered by AtomChat, a 3rd party API, pre-integrated in Yo!Coach.


Online Lessons

Online music learning platform
Country - Ireland

Online Lessons is a global platform for Irish music enthusiasts. Funded by the Irish Government, it aims to make Irish music learning and teaching accessible to people all around the world.

Getting this business requirement presented Yo!Coach team with an opportunity to showcase the versatility of their solution in an erstwhile new domain. The team set about revamping the UI & UX to meet the specific needs of an online music learning business.

Some notable customizations included options to upload MP3 files in Lesson plans, and addition of open graph meta tags to enhance the appeal of social posts shared via Online Lessons. Yo!Coach team also made changes in the way session cancellation works, profile photos are displayed and unavailable slots are managed on the platform.

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Online language learning platform
Country - USA

As an online language learning platform, WeYakYak is founded on the belief that humans make better teachers than computers and that personal connections with native speakers are the best way to learn a foreign language. Additionally, the platform also offers learning opportunities in art, music and culinary skills.

After successive rounds of requirement gathering and feasibility analysis, platform development went ahead with FATbit's in-house readymade online tutoring software - Yo!Coach. Several design and functional customizations were implemented to match the client's final vision of WeYakYak. The platform makes great use of Yo!Coach interactive learning features like video-chat, workspace, whiteboard, textpad, chatbox, flashcards, geo api, and multicurrency. WeYakYak's video-conferencing functionality is run by a pre-integrated 3rd party API in Yo!Coach - AtomChat.



Online Interview Coaching Platform
Country - China

Aha!Interview is a digital platform designed to connect professional interview coaches with people seeking guidance for the preparation of interviews.

As interview preparation requires continuous collaboration between the coaches and the learners, so Aha!Interview sought an interactive online coaching platform. Yo!Coach that comes pre-built with many interactive features such as video conferencing, audio chat, discussion forum, screen sharing, recording, and more happened to be a perfect match for them.

Before deployment, a few UX/UI modifications were done. Additionally, by availing multilingual functionality offered by Yo!Coach this platform efficiently and effectively caters to the needs of regional audiences in their local language.



Online academic education platform
Country: Poland

Lepiejznauka is a Poland-based online learning platform dedicated primarily to aid the academic needs of students. Launched in the wake of COVID19 pandemic, the platform allows students to continue their learning as schools and universities remain shut to contain the spread of the virus.

Yo!Coach's trademark one-to-one online learning business model served as the basis for Lepiejznauka. Students get to browse different subject matter experts and book sessions with them. Sessions take place via video conferencing in virtual classrooms, which consists of various interactive features such as whiteboard, textpad, highlighter, and workspace to render an enhanced learning experience. We enabled the free-trial lesson functionality and configured 3rd party APIs AtomChat to deliver a platform as envisioned by our clients.



Online musical instruments learning platform
Country: Belarus

Instrumently is a Yo!Coach powered online musical instruments learning platform, designed to bridge the gap between music masters and enthusiast learners. Learners can find music masters in guitar, piano, violin, oud and many other instruments. It offers the perfect avenue to learners who don't have the means to travel or commute to get private tutoring.

Based on Yo!Coach's synchronous learning model, the platform offers both private one to one and group classes. Learners simply have to browse the listed music masters on the platform and book a class based on the availability set by the latter. The classes are delivered via video-conferencing technology, which is powered by a 3rd party API. Additionally, we customized various UI/UX elements to give the platform its signature look expertly curated to appeal to a music-loving audience.


Accent Inclusive

Online accent coaching marketplace
Country - Texas, US

Accent Inclusive is an accent coaching marketplace that connects expert English accent coaches with learners wanting to develop a specific accent. The marketplace hosts experts majorly from the Anglosphere countries viz USA, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Learners simply need to register on the platform, browse the coach suited to their needs and book an online session with them.

Much of the preliminary requirements for the development for Accent Inclusive were met with Yo!Coach's standard build. The one to one and group coaching modules, with all their interactive learning feature offerings were applied in their entirety. Yo!Coach's pre-integrated 3rd party APIs were used to power the platform's video-conferencing functionality.

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Online learning platform (dedicated to the Arabic community)
Country - France

An online learning platform dedicated to the Arabic community. As someone who's deeply connected with his roots, our client wanted to build a platform where the Arabic learning needs of a modern generation can be met with satisfaction. Ojidoo with its array of learning options varying from Arabic reading, writing, to vocabulary and even memorizing the Quran, does exactly that.

As a Yo!Coach powered platform, Ojidoo is based upon the virtual one to one and group learning business model. It makes great use of Yo!Coach's interactive learning features like whiteboard, textpad, flashcards, workspace and many more. The platform is customized in terms of design(front-end) and 3rd party video conferencing API configurations to meet the specific needs of the business.



Online tutoring platform
Country - Dublin, Ireland

LearnParlor is an online tutoring platform whose inception can be traced back to the collective vision of a group of professional teachers. Their vision revolved around offering a quality learning environment where students could get expert tutoring and guidance in their favorite subjects.

After the requirement brief, we introduced our clients to Yo!Coach through a personalized demo. Finding everything to their liking, our clients gave us the go ahead for development. While LearnParlor inherits much of its core functionality from Yo!Coach, there are some notable customizations, particularly in the front-end design and 3rd party APIs configuration for video-conferencing.


Therapy Panda

Online Therapy & Wellness Marketplace
Country - UK

Therapy Panda is a multifaceted virtual consultation platform where people can meet qualified therapists, psychologists, experienced counsellors and community listeners, ready to provide support and assistance in their respective domains.

Our UK-based client was aiming to build Therapy Panda as a global platform with multi-lingual and multi-currency features. Moreover, the platform was designated to operate on the marketplace model, where several experts would sign up to offer their services to a large pool of customers. FATbit's software innovation team knew right away that Yo!Coach was tailor-made to cater these requirements. We guided the client about Yo!Coach through personalized demos. Except for a few design-oriented customizations and API integrations, Therapy Panda was launched on the native framework of Yo!Coach.

UK Health Network

UK Health Network

Online Consultation Marketplace
Country - UK

Transforming the healthcare landscape of the UK, this online consultation platform enables medical specialists and health & wellbeing professionals to reach out to those in need of healthcare services.

'UK Health Network' had a vision to build a strong network of independent healthcare professionals to serve in the UK. The major requirements shared by them included advanced search filters for patient convenience, calendar availability for seamless appointment booking, and video conferencing for smooth communication.

Yo!Coach already had all these features along with many other built-in features such as multilingual capabilities, commission and currency management, screen sharing, recording, document sharing, and much more. Furthermore, the platform was launched within the stipulated time and all their expectations were met.


TZ'era Labs

Online Tutoring Platform
Country - Malaysia

Zera Labs is a Malaysia-based online tutoring platform with a diversified pool of talented and qualified tutors and coaches across a wide range of languages and skills. Besides opening up potential job opportunities, the platform aims to simplify the selection process for both tutors and learners.

The platform is built using FATbit's white-lable software - Yo!Coach. Majority of the settings, modules and feature-sets are implemented with little or no customizations. Z'era Labs features both the one to one and group class learning modules of Yo!Coach. Presently, the platform is targeting the local Malaysian audience but it's well-equipped for scalability and catering a global audience needs in future.

That English Accent

That English Accent

Online Language Learning Platform
Country - UK

That English Accent is a UK-based online language learning platform that is designed with a mission to bring joy and inspiration back into language learning. Our client Kasia Postlethwaite wanted an interactive platform using which learners could learn the English Language.

We presented her with our readymade online tutoring solution Yo!Coach, which had all the requested features like live video conferencing, multicurrency, multilingual, search filters, and so on. Additionally, customization was done to meet the UX/UI requirements.


Onto Class

Online Learning Marketplace
Country - India

OntoClass is an India-based virtual learning platform that features a wide range of subjects, skills, and languages for personal and professional growth. Monetary goals aside, the platform is built on an egalitarian belief which emphasizes the fact that quality education should be accessible to all. The business is committed to consolidating an already large group of subject matter experts and qualified professionals.

Virtually the whole platform is built on the technology framework of Yo!Coach with nominal customizations in the back and front-end. Opting for a ready-made software resulted in a much quicker market launch. The platform continues to gain traction and is likely to scale its operations to meet growing user demand.



Online Language Learning Marketplace
Country - Canada

Talkihero is an online language learning platform that helps people seeking professional assistance in mastering a language or subject of their choice. At its heart lies the belief that thriving communities are built on a bedrock of quality education and that multilingualism and cross cultural interactions open up a world full of opportunities for learners.

At FATbit, we'd already built online learning and consultation marketplaces of varying degrees with our readymade software Yo!Coach. That experience proved vital as we were able to offer crucial business and technology consultation to the client to realize his vision of Talkihero.The Yo!Coach architecture addressed various use cases and scenarios that formed the core of the platform. Both the group and one to one learning modules along with a handful of user-interactive features like whiteboard, textpad, flashcards and language translation were implemented in Talkihero.



Online Language Learning Platform
Country - USA

Valingo is a French and English learning platform. It helps connect qualified language experts with learners from all across Africa through video conferencing. Valingo has both group learning and a one to one learning module for learners to develop their language skills. Moreover, it has partnered with Cambridge Assessment English and has a quiz section where learners can test their proficiency level.

The platform is built on Yo!Coach and operates on the tutoring marketplace model where learners look up tutors, book a trial session, and then based on their experience either proceed with the same tutor for a complete course or reject that tutor and start searching for a new one. Yo!Coach's customizability has enabled Valingo to offer a premium experience to its users, so that even when they're not learning, the platform itself keeps them busy through its several self-learning options.



Online Language Learning Platform
Country - Nigeria

Langoli is a Nigeria based online language learning platform designed to help people excel in foreign languages. Learners can explore and connect with certified language and other subject matter experts without any geographical barriers. Learners can choose to opt for group classes for greater engagement and interactivity or one-to-one sessions for more self-paced learning that also goes with their schedule.

Langoli is built with Yo!Coach and leverages all its various features and functionalities to best effect. Smooth navigation, self-intuitive design and helpful tips and prompts all around make it a joy to explore. Pre-integrated video conferencing APIs, payment gateways, and a ton of other settings and management options were implemented directly off Yo!Coach with nominal customizations. Finally, opting for a readymade software, enabled Langoli to fast-track its growth in the global online tutoring market.

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