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Country: Hong Kong(China)

Wtutors is a Hong-Kong based online tutoring platform that offers affordable learning and skill improvement opportunities to learners across the world.In a South Asian market, the concept of online tutoring is still relatively new and that's what acted as an inspirational trigger for Wtutors' founder. Not only is online tutoring more economical than hiring private foreign tutors but it's much more convenient too.

We helped Wtutors team build the kind of online tutoring platform they had in mind through our ready-made solution - Yo!Coach. Several Yo!Coach's in-built features such a multilingual, multi-currency, live video-conferencing, code editor, workplace, and whiteboard proved purpose-built for many of the platform's basic requirements. Various design changes and feature customizations were performed as per Wtutor's larger business objectives.



Country - USA

Learnege is an online marketplace for learners and experts. From language learning to acquiring mastery over any subject or skill, it's quite an open platform, designed for learners and subject matter experts to benefit each other through communication and collaboration.

The platform is based upon the popular online tutoring business model of Yo!Coach. Learners look up experts based on their requirements(subject/skill, location, experience, review), check their availability, and book a session with them after making the payment.

The platform borrows all the native functionalities of Yo!Coach like screen sharing, whiteboard, flashcards, textpad and language translation to deliver an immersive learning experience. Based on the client's request, our team configured the AtomChat API to enable video-conferencing functionality.


Ace My App

Country - USA

Ace My App is a US-based online consulting platform for graduate and high school students to connect with college admission counselors.

FATbit's initial interaction with the client revolved around his idea of a counselling service marketplace and its various use-cases. Our team of business experts then set about mapping those use-cases inside Yo!Coach. Finally, we shared the scope of work for additional customizations and work was started on Ace My App.

Drawing a great deal from Yo!Coach's inherent architecture, Ace My App was developed with a range of UI customizations to meet the US standards for mandatory document verification and address fields. We also added a packages module, where students could be charged on milestone-basis.

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Hello Music

Country - Australia

Hello Music World is an Australia based global online music learning platform. It helps music lovers connect with expert musicians to learn new instruments, hone their existing skills or get help in creating some new, unique tunes.

The platform is built on Yo!Coach and offers both its one-to-one and group learning functionalities. Learners can search dedicated classes on piano, violin, clarinet, theoreticals, or a specific teacher based on his/her experience, language, region, price, and so on. Apart from this, the platform is integrated with Lessonspace API, which offers a myriad of tools and functionalities to deliver a truly immersive online music learning experience.


Portal Languages

Country - USA

Portal Languages is an online language learning marketplace founded with the aim of connecting language learners and experts from all over the world. Its founders were initially running a private language tutoring service from their apartment in Costa Mesa, California. After witnessing an uptick in demand and the desire to expand the reach of their services, they decided to set up an online platform.

In Yo!Coach, our clients found the ideal solution that could meet all their platform requirements. From integrated video-conferencing features for live one-to-one or group sessions, together with a whole host of teacher/learner management modules, Yo!Coach enabled our clients to launch a robust online language learning platform that adapts to their needs.



Country - Bulgaria

SkyBox is a Bulgarian online tutoring platform that offers learning and teaching options for a wide range of skills, subjects and languages. Its founders had come across one of Yo!Coach-built online language learning platforms - WeYakYak and wanted to build something similar but with a few customizations to support the needs of their local market.

Much-like other Yo!Coach built platforms, SkyBox operates on a synchronous learning business model for both one to one and group classes. Skybox's default language is set to Bulgarian to gear it towards the local population. The lessons take place via a pre-integrated 3rd party video-conferencing service - LessonSpace. Additionally, it borrows the whole suite of interactive and engagement features offered by Yo!Coach to deliver an enhanced online learning experience.



Country - Poland

Edusofa is a Poland based online tutoring platform offering tutoring/learning opportunities in foreign languages, academics and musical instruments. The platform was launched to aid learning at a time when schools and universities were forced to shut down due to the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic.

Once Edusofa founders had shared their platform requirements, we suggested they opt for our ready-made online tutoring platform - Yo!Coach. Our team gave personalized, in-depth demos to explain group/one-to-one classes, free trial lessons module, multiple payment methods and countless other functionalities of Yo!Coach. Finally, both teams shook hands to proceed with platform development.

Dedicated primarily to the local population, Edusofa's default language is Polish. Its video-conferencing service is powered by AtomChat API, which comes pre-integrated in Yo!Coach.

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Language Explorer

Country: Italy

Language Explorer is a global online language learning platform owned by a group of Italian entrepreneurs. Built with the aim of democratizing language learning, it helps connect learners and tutors from different geographies using modern technology. Our Italian clients were looking for a ready-made solution that would allow their users to connect, communicate and collaborate in a fun and engaging manner all while enhancing their foreign language skills.

In Yo!Coach, they got all of that and more. Features like one-to-one and group sessions, lesson creation, booking free trials, lesson scheduling and online whiteboard were almost tailor-made for various Language Explorer use-cases. It's video-conferencing functionality is powered by AtomChat, a 3rd party API, pre-integrated in Yo!Coach.


Online Lessons

Country - Ireland

Online Lessons is a global platform for Irish music enthusiasts. Funded by the Irish Government, it aims to make Irish music learning and teaching accessible to people all around the world.

Getting this business requirement presented Yo!Coach team with an opportunity to showcase the versatility of their solution in an erstwhile new domain. The team set about revamping the UI & UX to meet the specific needs of an online music learning business.

Some notable customizations included options to upload MP3 files in Lesson plans, and addition of open graph meta tags to enhance the appeal of social posts shared via Online Lessons. Yo!Coach team also made changes in the way session cancellation works, profile photos are displayed and unavailable slots are managed on the platform.



Country - USA

As an online language learning platform, WeYakYak is founded on the belief that humans make better teachers than computers and that personal connections with native speakers are the best way to learn a foreign language. Additionally, the platform also offers learning opportunities in art, music and culinary skills.

After successive rounds of requirement gathering and feasibility analysis, platform development went ahead with FATbit's in-house readymade online tutoring software - Yo!Coach. Several design and functional customizations were implemented to match the client's final vision of WeYakYak. The platform makes great use of Yo!Coach interactive learning features like video-chat, workspace, whiteboard, textpad, chatbox, flashcards, geo api, and multicurrency. WeYakYak's video-conferencing functionality is run by a pre-integrated 3rd party API in Yo!Coach - AtomChat.



Country: Poland

Lepiejznauka is a Poland-based online learning platform dedicated primarily to aid the academic needs of students. Launched in the wake of COVID19 pandemic, the platform allows students to continue their learning as schools and universities remain shut to contain the spread of the virus.

Yo!Coach's trademark one-to-one online learning business model served as the basis for Lepiejznauka. Students get to browse different subject matter experts and book sessions with them. Sessions take place via video conferencing in virtual classrooms, which consists of various interactive features such as whiteboard, textpad, highlighter, and workspace to render an enhanced learning experience. We enabled the free-trial lesson functionality and configured 3rd party APIs AtomChat to deliver a platform as envisioned by our clients.

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Country: Belarus

Instrumently is a Yo!Coach powered online musical instruments learning platform, designed to bridge the gap between music masters and enthusiast learners. Learners can find music masters in guitar, piano, violin, oud and many other instruments. It offers the perfect avenue to learners who don't have the means to travel or commute to get private tutoring.

Based on Yo!Coach's synchronous learning model, the platform offers both private one to one and group classes. Learners simply have to browse the listed music masters on the platform and book a class based on the availability set by the latter. The classes are delivered via video-conferencing technology, which is powered by a 3rd party API. Additionally, we customized various UI/UX elements to give the platform its signature look expertly curated to appeal to a music-loving audience.


Accent Inclusive

Country - Texas, US

Accent Inclusive is an accent coaching marketplace that connects expert English accent coaches with learners wanting to develop a specific accent. The marketplace hosts experts majorly from the Anglosphere countries viz USA, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Learners simply need to register on the platform, browse the coach suited to their needs and book an online session with them.

Much of the preliminary requirements for the development for Accent Inclusive were met with Yo!Coach's standard build. The one to one and group coaching modules, with all their interactive learning feature offerings were applied in their entirety. Yo!Coach's pre-integrated 3rd party APIs were used to power the platform's video-conferencing functionality.



Country - UAE

Trusity is an online learning marketplace designed to foster young students' academic and public speaking skills. The platform has experts in various faculties viz. English, Maths, Coding, Economics, Chemistry, and Leadership, who provide personalized lesson plans and schedules to best meet the learner's needs. This way, Trusity fulfils the dual objective of imparting quality learning experiences to students and rewarding subject-matter experts for their services on the platform.

Powered by Yo!Coach, Trusity offers a user-friendly interface to navigate different areas of the platform. A comprehensive tutor search panel, neat availability calendar and a fluid booking process are all based on Yo!Coach architecture. Trusity's video-conferencing functionality is enabled through ComeChat, a 3rd party API that's pre-integrated in Yo!Coach.



Country - France

An online learning platform dedicated to the Arabic community. As someone who's deeply connected with his roots, our client wanted to build a platform where the Arabic learning needs of a modern generation can be met with satisfaction. Ojidoo with its array of learning options varying from Arabic reading, writing, to vocabulary and even memorizing the Quran, does exactly that.

As a Yo!Coach powered platform, Ojidoo is based upon the virtual one to one and group learning business model. It makes great use of Yo!Coach's interactive learning features like whiteboard, textpad, flashcards, workspace and many more. The platform is customized in terms of design(front-end) and 3rd party video conferencing API configurations to meet the specific needs of the business.

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Flago Fitness

Country - Argentina

Flago is an online fitness and wellness coaching platform where people can find the necessary tools and resources to lead a healthy lifestyle. The platform hosts fitness trainers with expertise in boxing, HIIT, cardio, dancing, Yoga, and muscle-building. Tutors guide individuals through live workout, track their progress and offer personalized improvement tips to gain better results.

Flago is built on the Yo!Coach framework. We found many of the Yo!Coach's features and functionalities originally meant for online tutoring applied very much to fitness coaching. As such they were seamlessly configured in Flago with minor design and development customizations. Flago's video-conferencing functionality is powered by AtomChat, a 3rd party API that's also pre-integrated in Yo!Coach.



Country - Dublin, Ireland

LearnParlor is an online tutoring platform whose inception can be traced back to the collective vision of a group of professional teachers. Their vision revolved around offering a quality learning environment where students could get expert tutoring and guidance in their favorite subjects.

After the requirement brief, we introduced our clients to Yo!Coach through a personalized demo. Finding everything to their liking, our clients gave us the go ahead for development. While LearnParlor inherits much of its core functionality from Yo!Coach, there are some notable customizations, particularly in the front-end design and 3rd party APIs configuration for video-conferencing.



Country - Sydney, Australia

Learn+Tutor is an online tutoring marketplace that helps students connect with subject matter experts for enhanced academic learning and growth. The idea behind Learn+Tutor was that classroom learning alone isn't enough and lack of personalized guidance can set students back in their learning.

The client had heard about Yo!Coach, and was interested in exploring the solution to see if it could work for his online tutoring marketplace idea. After a few rounds of discussion on project requirements and personalized demos, Yo!Coach was approved to initiate platform development. Besides some UX UI customizations, and 3rd party video-conferencing APIs configuration, Learn+Tutor retains much of Yo!Coach's native features-set and functionalities.


Empowering Tutors

Country - United Kingdom

Empowering Tutors is a USA based online tutoring platform that offers affordable learning and skill improvement opportunities to learners across the world. In a South Asian market, the concept of online tutoring is still relatively new and that's what acted as an inspirational trigger for Wtutors' founder. Not only is online tutoring more economical than hiring private foreign tutors but it's much more convenient too.

We helped Empowering Tutors team build the kind of online tutoring platform they had in mind through our ready-made solution - Yo!Coach. Several Yo!Coach's in-buit features such a multilingual, multi-currency, live video-conferencing, code editor, workplace, and whiteboard proved purpose-built for many of the platform's basic requirements. Various design changes and feature customizations were performed as per Empowering Tutors larger business objectives.

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