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  • Highly Secure
  • Seamless UX
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Detailed Monitoring with Key Performance Stats

The effects of a website's performance can reverberate through an entire business - from user satisfaction to a company's bottom line. So, we gauged the health of our system through key performance stats and obtained speed benchmarks.

Testing Metrics

  • Traffic 7.5 lakhs
  • 32000+ Teachers
    in Database
  • 145000+ Group
  • 171000+ Package
  • Apdex
  • Toleration Threshold
  • Frustation Threshold
  • Transactions/sec

Teachers List

  • 500 Users in
    1 Min
  • Average Load
    Time (ms) 2550.08
  • 100%
    Success Rate

Group Class List

  • 500 Users in
    1 Min
  • Average Load
    Time (ms) 1551.47
  • 100%
    Success Rate

Teacher Detail Page

  • 500 Users in
    1 Min
  • Average Load
    Time (ms) 1143.99
  • 100%
    Success Rate

Group Class Detail Page

  • 500 Users in
    1 Min
  • Average Load
    Time (ms) 1662.76
  • 100%
    Success Rate
Number of Users Success Rate (%) Average Load Time (ms) Page Size Apdex Toleration Threshold Frustation Threshold Transactions/sec
Tutor's Page 500 100 1556.71 6.9 MB 0.92 500 1500 8.18
Signup Page 500 99.93 495.89 0.13 MB 0.90 500 1500 6.29
Login Page 500 100 772.27 0.01 MB 0.91 500 1500 8.14
FAQs 500 100 1129.51 1.8 MB 0.86 500 1500 8.22
Blog 500 100 1509.11 2.3 MB 0.88 500 1500 8.2
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Fostering a Positive UX with PWAs

Progressive Web Apps

PWA content is progressively downloaded, which delivers a native-like user experience, with speedier conversion and cleaner browsing even with a not-so-good internet connection. Once installed, the user goes straight to the website after tapping the icon, therefore, eliminating the dependency on Google and App Store. Furthermore, Yo!Coach is PWA complaint, which empowers businesses to be omnipresent for their customers.

Thrive Against the Unpredictable With Security Resilience

Uncertainty is the new norm in an interconnected world. Therefore, to balance risk with control, adaptability, and an opportunity to pursue what's next, Yo!Coach comes armed with security that is resilient.



Yo!Coach has been developed with LAMP stack, a cutting-edge technology to deliver an encrypted form, which makes it less prone to security threats.

SSL and PCI Compliant

Protecting delicate data from perpetrators, Yo!Coach is SSL and PCI compliant. The protection is enforced using end-to-end encryption.

3rd-Party Payment Processing

To make sure that no data falls through the cracks, we leverage third-party payment gateways that securely handle financial information without delay.

Handled Sensitive Data Exposure

Designed with underlying principles of scalability and connectivity, Yo!Coach safeguards the transmission of highly confidential information with resilience.

Data Validation and Sanitization

Providing in-depth defense with data validation that ensures the data has what it should and sanitization to protect against cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks.

System Passcode

Yo!Coach is built to provide the first line of defense against unauthorized access through a system passcode. Only licensed users can manage rights from the backend.

Robust Defense to Deliver Real Business Results

Breathe easier with our powerful and pervasive platform, which offers system security settings in the admin dashboard that take you from overwhelmed to empowered in no time.

Admin Settings > General Settings > Security Settings

Delivering Business Value Through Code Refactoring

Having a healthy codebase is pivotal for day-to-day operations. Hence, we invest our time and resources to refine the structure of the code and boost its consistency. Moreover, as a part of the systematic process, we redesigned the software architecture of Yo!Coach (V3), empowering it to handle high-user data while maintaining robust system performance.

Refactored Modules

  • Tutors Availability
  • Teacher & Group Class Search
  • Seamless checkout
  • Inline & Unlimited Scheduling
  • Payment Gateways
  • Manage Orders and Transactions
  • Reports Sales & Settlement
  • Group Classes
  • Manageable Themes
  • Email Templates
  • Search Engine friendly URLs
  • Meeting Tools

Take Precedence With A Hassle-Free Migration to Yo!Coach

Recognizing that it's time to modernize the business-critical backbone system because it has run up against its limits of manageable complexity is pivotal. Having a hassle-free migration to Yo!Coach generates momentum that increases overall performance and delivers huge benefits.

When to consider migration?

  • Limited functionalities
  • Maintenance is a hassle
  • Integrations are not easy
  • Lack of or no customization options
  • Cluttered or ineffective UI
  • Unable to deliver an engaging user experience (UX)
  • Restrictions on the number of users and courses
  • Current technology is no longer able to meet the business requirements
  • Outdated and no support for the outdated version is available
  • Security reasons

Migrating to Right Online Tutoring Software

  • Functional Improvement
  • Customizable
  • Increased Security
  • Cost-effective
  • Time-saving
  • Better Communication
  • Better Customer Relationship

Platforms Successfully Migrated to Yo!Coach


StarTalki - Spain


Startwise - South Africa

Platforms Upgraded to Yo!Coach's Latest Version

To make sure that businesses stay ahead of the curve, Yo!Coach regularly releases new versions which are secure by design and private by default. Take a look at the platforms upgraded to Yo!Coach's latest Version 3.

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Every solution was taking too much time with nothing less than 6 - 8 months, and it was time we did not have. That's when we found FATbit's Yo!Coach. We explored our vision around what Yo!Coach had to offer, and to our surprise, it fit exactly what we had in mind, and we had a live demo of Yo!Coach. We took the chance of picking up a solution to run our vision on, and we haven't regretted it any bit. So far, it's been a good one for the team.

Mr. Chin Wei Seong

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