Yo!Coach team has been great since the beginning of my business journey. Their commitment to their clients is unparalleled. Despite the time zone differences, they resolved all my queries at the earliest. The team was so accommodating and went the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction.They understood all my customization requirements and implemented them as per my instructions. They have not only helped me launch a feature-rich online tutoring platform but also guided me in making the right decisions for my company.
Jessica / CEO of Just Better Education
Yo!Coach team has been very responsive to all our needs. Our requirements have been very bespoke and niche-specific, but they were extremely flexible and accommodating and ensured we got everything we needed. With Yo!Coach, we could confidently step into this eLearning industry with a fairly new concept of aviation consulation. We have only positive things to say about Yo!Coach. Overall, we had a good experience with the software and the team.
Sebastian Hall / Co-Founder of Airside Chat
My association with Yo!Coach has been outstanding and I have a great business relationship with them. They have a team of well-qualified and experienced developers, who always find solutions even for complex tasks. As a perfectionist, I want things my way, yet they consistently meet and exceed my expectations. I appreciate their consistent implementation of features as I envisioned them. Moreover, communication was effortless whether through email, text, or on video call. Without hesitation, I highly recommend Yo!Coach for your web development requirements.
India C.Barnes / Founder of Online K12 Tutors
As a software engineer, I have the expertise to develop my platform from scratch. However, I opted for a more cost-effective approach i.e. ready-made software, Yo!Coach. Initially, we launched our platform using software called TutorCruncher but it required a lot of administration. So, we decided to migrate to better software. After a lot of research, we came across Yo!Coach which aligned with our needs.Plus, they offered source code which stood out as a major advantage, allowing us to incorporate any modifications if needed in the future. Moreover, full ownership, intuitive user interfaces, and mobile responsive design made it an ideal software for us.
Alexander / Founder of Russian Math tutors
Hong Kong
We wanted to enter the industry in the least possible time. Every solution we came across was taking around 6-8 months. When we got to know about Yo!Coach, it offered exactly what we needed. Yo!Coach team knew what we wanted and gave us a proposal at a reasonable price. In my opinion, they stood out in providing after-sales support among others. All our queries and doubts were resolved at the earliest possible. I am a very demanding person, yet they met all my expectations and needs. Yo!Coach has effectively transformed our vision, and business idea into reality.
David Chin / Founder of WTutors
We explored many options available in the industry. Our team wanted software that could launch our platform in the industry in a quick time. Yo!Coach had all the desired functionalities and features needed by us. Specific features catering to tutors' and students' needs made it an ideal choice. Moreover, multiple payment gateways provided within the software streamlined the payment process on the platform. I would highly recommend Yo!Coach to anyone who wants to start their own online education business.
Mohamed ElSayed / CEO of The Everest - Distance eLearning Platform
Yo!Coach team has helped me create an online art academy where I could connect creative art teachers with students from across the world. They have been a phenomenal support throughout the process and guided me through each step.They have helped me in creating a platform that I had in my mind. They have helped me with my queries even after the platform has been created. They resolved all my queries and concerns as soon as possible. It is a very good team to work with. I will definitely recommend Yo!Coach to anyone looking for advanced eLearning software. They are great people to work with and it is a great platform.
Jani Mills / Founder of Pocoa Academy
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Brent Van Rooyen / Founder of JuiceTutors

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Judy Academy


Online Learning Academy


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The Mission

Roj Ali, the founder of Judy Academy had the mission to launch a unique online platform offering courses in diverse subjects including school curricula, IT courses, language learning, Quran, and more. The idea was to provide a user-friendly and affordable eLearning platform to learners of all ages and levels across the world. To achieve this, he needed feature-rich tutoring software capable of transforming his mission into a scalable business model.

Defining the Requirements

The client required advanced software to launch his platform and streamline business operations. He also wanted to implement a specific set of functionalities such as incorporating a multi-category search filter and integrating the Kurdish language for regional audiences.

The client was planning to offer sessions in diverse educational fields along with covering school curricula for grades 1 to 12 and university exam preparation. Hence, to cater to an immense pool of learners and tutors, he needed scalable and fast-performing software.

Some of the requirements shared by our client included
  • Multilingual functionality
  • Multiple payment options
  • Seamless video conferencing
  • Calendar availability
  • One-to-one and group sessions
  • Easy session booking

The Solution

With the Judy Academy (platform build with Yo!Coach), our client's vision was successfully accomplished. Yo!Coach turned out to be a perfect software solution for him because of its versatile functionality and compatibility with his business needs.

A robust platform offering multiple courses was launched hassle-free. Moreover, all the customization requirements shared by the client were implemented effectively.

Creating Unique Experiences

We provide powerful online learning software and ensure tangible results for our clients. By leveraging Yo!Coach's comprehensive set of features and vast functionality, Judy Academy could successfully step into the industry with a different business idea. Furthermore, with easy-to-use, intuitive, and user-friendly interfaces, Judy Academy could streamline its workflows and offer seamless user experience and satisfaction.

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Multi-Category Search Filter

For a streamlined display of subject categories on the platform, a multi-category search filter was integrated. All the educational fields are listed by category so that learners can easily search for subjects as per their needs.

Rating and Reviews

This pre-built functionality enables learners to leave feedback for tutors after the successful completion of their sessions. These ratings help learners in making an informed decision about the tutors and the courses.

Individual / Group Classes

Judy Academy wanted to offer both one-to-one and group sessions on their platform. By leveraging the software's capabilities they could offer both types of sessions effortlessly.


In order to serve regional as well as global audiences, the Judy Academy team wanted multi-lingual functionality on their platform. Along with English, Arabic, and Kurdish languages were also incorporated.

Video Conferencing

In ensuring a collaborative and interactive learning environment, video conferencing tools play a vital role. We have enabled video conferencing functionality using pre-integrated third-party API on Judy Academy.

Trial Session

To ensure tutors and learners are a perfect fit together, Judy Academy is offering free trial sessions by utilizing the software's capabilities.

The Result

Since its launch, Judy Academy has witnessed continued success, gained immense exposure, and become a successful player in a short time. More than 700 tutors have already partnered with Judy Academy and numerous learners from all age groups are reaching out to them for their learning needs. All that was possible because of having a clear vision, and choosing a robust software solution that met their ultimate feature requirement.

Client Testimonials & Reviews

Step into the world of success stories where our valued clients share their heartfelt testimonials and reviews about Yo!Coach. Allow their words to weave a tapestry of trust and reliability, beckoning you to become a part of our contented clientele.

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