Kajabi Vs Thinkific: Which one is better?


The online learning industry is growing exponentially, and the market size is expected to surpass USD 848.12 billion by 2030. Considering the growth, we must say this is a great time to enter this lucrative industry. If you are planning to build your online learning platform, or looking to launch online courses then you could have probably done some research and come across many popular options such as Kajabi, and Thinkific. 

You may be considering these solutions to kick-start your online learning business, but before making any decision, you must thoroughly understand the capabilities of both solutions, and whether they will fit your business needs or not. So, in this blog, we are going to compare the two software so that you can make an informed decision. 

Let’s begin with understanding more about Kajabi and Thinkific. 

Kajabi Vs Thinkific: What Are They?

Both Kajabi and Thinkific offer numerous benefits to course creators and entrepreneurs. Before we go too far into our analysis, let’s take a moment to know what these two software solutions are.

What is Kajabi?

Kajabi is a software designed to streamline the process of creating, marketing, and selling online courses. The software offers an extensive set of features and user-friendly interfaces that help business owners diversify their revenue streams, build their brand, and establish a profitable business. Customizations allow users to tailor their websites and courses to match their branding requirements. 

What is Thinkific?

Thinkific is a software solution that helps businesses and individuals launch their online learning platforms. It provides intuitive tools built for creators looking to share their knowledge. Thinkific is popular for its ease of use and user-friendly interfaces. Moreover, it offers flexibility and customizability helping course creators design their content according to their preferences. 

Kajabi Vs Thinkific: Who Uses Which?

Understanding the client base of the software company is very crucial to know if the software solution aligns seamlessly with your operational needs and objectives. In this section, let’s delve into the distinctive clientele each software caters to. 

Kajabi:- Kajabi streamlines all the processes of the online education business and helps entrepreneurs launch their online learning platforms, courses, websites, and more. Its clients include online course creators, digital entrepreneurs, business owners, freelancers, individual instructors, and more. 

Thinkific:- Thinkific aims at professional course creators and mid-size businesses looking to enter the education industry. The experts, entrepreneurs who are interested in sharing their knowledge and innovation by launching their online courses, platforms, and more uses Thinkific. 

Thought leaders with a blog or YouTube channel, authors, speakers, subject matter experts, and others are their major clients. 

Our Top Choice: Yo!Coach

Yo!Coach is a versatile ready-made software solution for entrepreneurs to build their online learning platforms. It offers many features for tutors, and learners, supporting an engaging and interactive learning environment. Whether you are an entrepreneur looking to launch your online learning platform or a course creator looking to establish an online course platform, Yo!Coach offers everything you need to succeed and scale.

Reviews-Based Comparison

Software G2 Capterra eLearning Industry
Kajabi 4.4/5 4.4/5 NA
Thinkific 4.7/5 4.4/5 4.5/5
Yo!Coach 4.8/5 4.8/5 4.3/5


Price-Based Comparison

Thinkific Kajabi Yo!Coach
Grow Plan will cost – 2400 USD/ Year Pro Plan will cost – 4000 USD/Year Yo!Coach is way more cost-effective than both Kajabi and Thinkific. Their yearly expenditure surpasses the lifetime cost of Yo!Coach.
Note: Yo!Coach has one time cost only. No recurring payments.


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Kajabi Vs Thinkific: In-depth Feature Wise Comparison

In this section, let’s take a closer look at the features of both Kajabi and Thinkific.

Course Creation

Course creation is an important feature of any online learning platform. Instructors should seamlessly be able to edit courses on the platform. 

Kajabi:- With customizable templates and intuitive designing tools, creating small courses or even full-blown programs is easy. Instructors can easily add video, audio, text, downloads, assessments, and more to the modules. Moreover, branding options are also provided where creators can add logos, images, colors, instructor pictures, and unique URLs as per their branding needs. 

Thinkific:- Thinkific’s course builder is user-friendly and easy to use. Courses can be created or edited with a single click using ready-to-use templates. Instructors can add video lessons, quizzes, text, surveys, presentations, assignments, and more. Customizations are also allowed to match the branding and logo requirements. 

Tutor’s Features 

Dedicated features for tutors facilitate seamless sessions and enhance the learning environment. Following are the features of Kajabi and Thinkific for tutors to manage courses and learners. 

Kajabi :- Kajabi is designed to streamline the coaching process for tutors. Kajabi lets tutors create online courses, podcasts, and more. It enables them to share quizzes and assignments and add downloads.

Thinkific:- Thinkific provides tools for instructors to manage students and assess their progress. Instructors can share quizzes, surveys, and assignments with students. Customization options are provided for course certificates, drip courses, and lesson schedules. 

Student Experience 

This is a very important aspect of any successful online learning platform. 

Kajabi:- Kajabi offers many features for instructors as well as students so that they can have a seamless learning experience. Their collaborative features such as assessments, quizzes, and drip content scheduling foster interaction among students. 

Thinkific:- Thinkific also offers a variety of engagement features, including discussion forums, completion certificates, and more. This enables active participation and collaboration among students. 

Onboarding Experience

The process of onboarding for both the tutors and learners is crucial for the success and popularity of any online learning platform.  

Kajabi:- Kajabi offers course setup with step-by-step instructions, enabling tutors to swiftly register and start selling their online courses to their targeted audience. Students too can access the courses and other digital learning resources on the platform. 

Thinkific:- Thinkific prioritizes user onboarding and lets them navigate the platform effortlessly  with user-friendly interfaces, easy instructions and accessible support channels. 

Payment Management

Payment management is an important aspect for both tutors and learners. Both these software offer seamless financial transactions. 

Kajabi:- Kajabi ensures smooth transactions with multiple payment channels such as Paypal and Stripe. Users can pay a monthly or annual subscription fee to avail services of Kajabi.

Thinkific:- Thinkific offers multiple payment options such as credit/debit cards, PayPal, and more providing flexibility to users. Thinkific also charges a payment processing fee, but no transaction fee.


Both the software offer comprehensive billing plans in return for the services and solutions they offer. 

Kajabi:- Kajabi offers a range of pricing plans tailored to the different requirements of the users. Kajabi majorly offers three pricing plans– basic, growth, and pro, billed annually or monthly. 

Thinkific:- Thinkific also offers monthly and annual billing options. Their major three plans include- basic, start, and grow. All these plans have different specifications offering different features. 

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Limitations of Kajabi and Thinkific

While Kajabi and Thinkific are popular software solutions and have many great features, but they still fall short on various important aspects. Here are some notable limitations:

Not Fully White-Label

Kajabi:- It is not possible to completely remove all Kajabi branding, however, with their Growth and Pro pricing plans, the “Powered by Kajabi” branding can be removed just below the page footer of the website. On the transactional emails (auto-generated, non-marketing emails) and the Kajabi mobile app, the Kajabi branding cannot currently be removed. 

Thinkific:- When utilizing Thinkific to create and sell online courses, the platform brands your website with its name. If you want to remove Thinkific branding, you will need to upgrade your pricing plan to its top-most plan i.e. the Grow plan or above.

Non-Availability of Personalized Demo

Kajabi:- A personalized demo is essential to address prospects’ unique pain points, goals, and expectations related to the software. You can ask your queries, concerns, and more in a one-on-one conversation with the experts. Kajabi doesn’t offer any personalized sales demos as of now, you need to explore the software and its features yourself. 

Thinkific:- Thinkific also doesn’t offer any personalized demo or personal assistance in understanding the features and functionality of the software. 

Limited Customizations

Kajabi:- If your branding and design vision requires specific customizations you may need to access the custom code of your platform. With Kajabi you can access and add the custom code to your platform only with a Pro plan. 

Thinkific:- Similarly, Thinkific does not offer full customizations in the basic plans and needs plan upgrades to implement any customizations. 

24/7 Customer Support 

Kajabi:- Kajabi offers 24/7 customer support via live chat but only with the Growth and Pro plans.

Thinkific:- With its basic and start plan Thinkific provides email and live chat support only, whereas, to avail of phone and priority email support you need to upgrade to Grow plan.

Not Supporting Bichronous Learning

Both Kajabi and Thinkific are majorly apt for asynchronous learning and offer features specifically designed for coaches. Whereas, there are numerous other software solutions available in the industry that support both asynchronous and synchronous learning. Additionally, these software are designed to cater to the needs of entrepreneurs, coaches, and others.

In the next section, let’s know about one such versatile software solution– Yo!Coach.

Why Yo!Coach is an Ideal Choice For You?

Yo!Coach is a popular software solution to build and launch your online learning platform. This software has numerous advanced functionalities that are essential for successfully running any online learning platform. Many collaborative features such as video conferencing, screen sharing, recording and more enables seamless communication between tutors and students.  

Ready To Launch Your Online Learning Platform With Yo!Coach.

Reasons Why You Should Choose Yo!Coach over Kajabi and Thinkific:

  • Yo!Coach offers full ownership of the platform with one time payment.
  • Get full control over the platform with source code and seamlessly integrate features or add enhancements in the future. 
  • No recurring charges just pay once and start your entrepreneurial journey.
  • With this software you can launch a full-fledged marketplace platform where you can onboard your fellow creators and tutors to provide their services to the students, creating a massive revenue opportunity for you. 
  • Being a highly scalable software, Yo!Coach allows you to onboard an unlimited number of students and tutors. Whereas, with Kajabi you need to upgrade your plan to onboard more students.
  • With Kajabi and Thinkific, the number of administrators who can manage the platform is limited and may need you to upgrade the pricing plan to add more admins. However, with Yo!Coach there is no such limit and you can add as many sub-admins as you want. 
  • Leverage the benefit of advanced industry-specific features in the base software unlike Kajabi and Thinkific, that needs plan upgradation leading to higher cost. 
  • Yo!Coach can cater to diverse niches and multiple business models within the eLearning industry, hence, opening up numerous opportunities for your growth and expansion in the industry. 
  • Kajabi and Thinkific are primarily designed for asynchronous learning, whereas, Yo!Coach can effectively support both synchronous and asynchronous learning. 
  • This software is fully customizable, hence, allows you to customize the platform as per your requirements. 
  • Yo!Coach team offers free customer support for one year through multiple channels, such as emails, phone, SMS, and others. 

Other benefits offered by Yo!Coach include:

  • White-Label software
  • Self-hosted
  • 1000+ projects successfully delivered
  • Global clientele
  • Industry-specific features
  • Reports and analytics
  • Powerful admin dashboard
  • Course management
  • User management 
  • Multiple payment options
  • In-built marketing features
  • Multilingual
  • Secure with GDPR compliance
  • Good ratings by reputed firms like G2, Capterra, and more.
  • Commendable customer support
  • Personalized demo


When it comes to choosing the right software solution for launching your online learning platform, you must make a decision by considering your unique needs and goals. While Kajabi and Thinkific are reputable options available in the market, Yo!Coach stands out as an ideal choice for its versatile functionality, advanced technology, and many other benefits.

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