eLearning Is the Future of Professional Development


With the emergence of new technologies, it becomes pivotal for businesses to meet the evolving needs of today. To do just that, businesses are investing in upskilling their employees. But to remain viable in the talent pool, even the modern workforce needs to vest in learning and upskilling.

This is where corporate or professional development comes into play. It not only helps the employees adapt to evolving work trends but also aids them to meet the changing customer demands. Having an employee-centric approach is also instrumental to the success of the organization.

That said, the trend of delivering training has evolved over the years. Now corporates are moving to online platforms from instructor-led classrooms as they are globally accessible, cost-effective and promote self-paced learning.

  • According to reports, the corporate eLearning market size is expected to grow at a CAGR of around 8% by 2025.
  • Learning Management Systems or LMS are emerging as the most often used technology with 82% of organizations using it.
  • Almost 75% of organizations are using virtual classrooms and webcasting for online training.
  • 34% of organizations are using mobile applications in employee training programs.

The top areas where L&D buyers reported focusing on were:

  • Soft Skills
  • Language Learning Skills 
  • Compliance
  • Data Analytics
  • Sustainability

In conclusion, eLearning provides endless opportunities in the realm of professional development, whether it is honing new skills, acquiring new certifications, or even pursuing an entirely new career.

It is a valuable additive and is worth rooting for. Moreover, eLearning is the future of professional development as it is agile and can be pivoted to accommodate new market dynamics. Hence, if you are interested in launching your online professional training platform, gain more information.

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