Best Online Tutoring Software of 2023


As the trend of online tutoring is increasing expeditiously, entrepreneurs are keen to launch tutoring platforms to accommodate this growing need. The market is flooded with a number of readymade tutoring software and selecting one for your business is quite tricky and complicated.

With the intent to simplify the tutoring software selection process, we tried to compile a list of top online tutoring software to help aspiring entrepreneurs start their tutoring venture:

1. Yo!Coach

Yo!Coach is a ready-made software to build online tutoring and consultation marketplaces. The software is capable enough to meet the varied requirements of online learning businesses and manages all the troublesome tasks in an easy and efficient manner. This fully customizable software comes integrated with an array of features that empower its users with their constantly evolving needs. 

This white label software comes with lifetime ownership without any recurring fees. In addition to online tutoring, this versatile software is also compatible with several other niches like language learning, music learning, personality development, medical consultation, culinary coaching, fitness coaching, legal consultation, dance learning, art training, code training, sports coaching, acting training, and many more. The software is integrated with the popular and essential APIs to sustain in this competitive market.



  • Audio/video chat
  • Virtual whiteboard
  • Textpad
  • Screen sharing/recording
  • One-to-one/group class
  • Flashcards
  • Code editor
  • Language translation
  • Multilingual
  • Multicurrency
  • Time-zone specific
  • Gift cards & coupons
  • Reviews/ratings


  • Pre-integrated video conferencing APIs (Zoom, Lessonspace, and Cometchat ).
  • Multiple payment gateways are integrated like Paypal, Stripe,, and many more.
  • Auto-detection of time zone and users’ default language 
  • White label solution 
  • No recurring fees
  • Enhanced marketing and reporting capabilities.
  • Scalable and customizable framework


  • Currency conversion is manual in this system.
  • No free trial available for this software 

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2. TutorCruncher

TutorCruncher is a cloud-based software designed to manage and grow your business. From small teams to market leaders, it helps to manage sales, sessions, tutors, students, communication, and much more. The software is best suited for both small and large enterprises to manage and grow their online tutoring business.

The E-invoicing platform in the software is integrated with card payment systems to facilitate online payment of classes. Custom lesson reports can also be created using TutorCruncher to give regular feedback to students after each lesson. Since the software considers tutors’ performance just as important, it tracks their performance by encouraging the students to rate their performance.

The software claims to offer a secure platform for the tutoring business and makes the website SEO friendly. TutorCruncher is also available as a fully functional trial version for 14 days.



  • Audio/video chat
  • Digital whiteboard
  • Lesson scheduling/recording
  • Payment gateways to receive and disburse payments
  • Attendance management
  • Confirmations/reminders
  • Lesson notes
  • Parent/Student portal


  • Online lesson URLs are automatically sent to participants with lesson reminder emails
  • Multiple franchises under a single account can expand nationally and internationally


  • UX design is a bit confusing
  • The message translation is not automatic
  • Customer support is for only the first 3 months
  • Limited number of APIs integrated for video conferencing and payment gateways 
  • Recurring Fees
  • The software is not White Label

3. myTutoring

myTutoring is a complete online live learning software that comprises of everything required for a successful online tutoring business. The software understands the value of branding and therefore, provides the same footing as the best companies in the industry. It does not require any upfront investment and has a “pay as you use model”.

Without any limit on the number of tutors, students, sessions, courses, and course fees, myTutoring allows students to be with them for as long as they want. One of the most lucrative features of the software is that it is easy to set up.

Its ability to seamlessly integrate everything from the discovery of tutors, scheduling sessions, collection and disbursement of payments, audio/video collaboration makes it the preferred choice of the business owners.



  • Mobile ready software
  • Availability calendar
  • Digital whiteboard
  • One-to-one/group tutoring
  • Whiteboard & live session recording
  • Integrated payment gateways, invoices, and transaction history
  • Emails and SMSs for booked sessions, payment confirmation, and more


  • Smart discovery matches the students with their best-suited teachers as per the details provided by both of them
  • Automatic notifications for optimal time management


  • Cannot upload documents
  • No tool to assess the performance of the platform
  • The customization options are quite limited with no functionality changes possible 
  • Limited payment gateways integrated
  • Recurring fees

4. WizIQ

WizIQ is a cloud-based learning delivery software with a suite of features like virtual classrooms, content authoring, tests/assessments, mobile learning, course management, video streaming, analytics, and much more. It empowers instructors, education service providers, and corporates to deliver live and self-paced online tutoring with scalable and cost-effective technology. It has inbuilt templates which help to create online courses within minutes.

One does not need any coding knowledge and additional software extension to operate WizIQ. 



  • Analytics to track teaching performance and student’s progress
  • eCommerce platform to sell online courses
  • HD video conferencing with real-time messaging
  • Creation of online multimedia tests and assessments in 9 formats
  • eLearning content on-the-go with WizIQ mobile and tablet application


  • Sell live and self-paced online courses
  • Mobile apps for android and iOS devices
  • Automated reports for record-keeping
  • Create online tests in multiple formats


  • Not fully customizable
  • You cannot scaleup the platform using the software
  • Source code is not provided
  • Recurring fees
  • Limited payment gateways integrated
  • Live session recording functionality is limited

5. Pinlearn

Pinlearn is a self-hosted tutoring marketplace software that helps entrepreneurs and tutors to set up their own schools like Coursera, Udemy, Khan Academy, etc. The software is easy to maintain and assures lifetime upgrades. With a complete suite of apps, Web, Admin backend, Android, and iOS, it boosts the userbase of the platform built to a great extent.

Admin can add subjects and courses for the tutors to create and sell the self-paced courses to students. The addition of the group class feature along with the one-to-one classes on the platform enables tutors to multiply their income. Pinlearn comes with 100% open and unencrypted source code for the complete ownership of the platform without any dependency on them.

The business owner can overhaul the complete look and feel of the platform for a unique business identity. Moreover, any further development of adding, deleting, and modifying can also be done by yourself or a developer.



  • Create and sell courses
  • Upload courses in multiple formats
  • Admin and tutor dashboards with analytics
  • Multiple Monetization Channels
  • In-built payment gateways


  • Compatible with Desktop (Windows, Macintosh) & Mobile
  • Multilingual
  • Customizable
  • No recurring payment
  • Customer support is available on the phone, chat, and email


  • UI/UX of software is poor for Admin, Tutor, and Student panel
  • Limited number of APIs integrated for video conferencing and payment gateways 
  • Not GDPR Compliant for data privacy and security
  • Limited SEO Friendly Features
  • Does not have PWA

6. Learnyst

Learnyst offers an end-to-end solution for building unique online tutoring platforms. It has ready-made templates to start building tutoring websites where one can upload courses, videos, quizzes, presentations, blogs, or documents. Business owners can also sell courses online to have a permanent source of revenue. With a suite of features, the software comes with Web, Android, and iOS apps to make online tutoring more user-friendly. The software helps to engage students in real-time with live classes and chat.

Learnyst has world-class encryption to safeguard the content uploaded on the platform. Tutors can create mock tests for all the major competitive examinations and can evaluate the answer sheets digitally. Students can also use the mobile app on the go and keep themselves busy.



  • Free trial lessons can be offered to students to entice and motivate them to become loyal customers
  • The webpages built on Learnyst are search engine optimized which will rank comparatively higher in Google
  • Advanced filters to find relevant information according to custom tags provided by you
  • Sub-admins to manage courses and platforms as the business scales
  • Transcoding the source video into high and low formats depending upon the student’s internet speed


  • Content security with watermarking and encryption
  • Unlimited number of courses and mock tests
  • Pre-built themes for eLearning platforms


  • Huge data consumption
  • The solution is not fully customizable
  • It is not  GDPR Compliant

7. Teachworks

Teachworks is software that helps education businesses simplify, automate and grow their business. The multiple calendar views help in managing complex schedules, mark availability, and check scheduling conflicts. The software also provides data to analyze and generate reports to get insights into the business. Unique features like automatic lesson reminders, email lesson notes, notifications of new invoices, and payments in Teachworks are designed specifically for this industry.

There are a number of add-ons and integrations added in the software to expand its capabilities. The tools to manage and monitor multiple branches from a single master account are also possible through Teachworks. 



  • Simplifies the scheduling challenge smoothly
  • Easy user access for every type of user to easily access their calendar, history, invoices, and much more
  • Reduce no show-offs and confusion with automatic email reminders
  • Cancellation emails when a lesson is canceled


  • Master account to create and manage multiple accounts
  • Six different calendar views for simplifying the scheduling process
  • Allows customizing the account settings, integrations, and add-ons


  • No integration with social media
  • No live technical support (only email)
  • Only has stripe as pre-integrated payment gateway
  • Teachworks is not 100% white-label
  • Recurring Fee

8. TutorBird

TutorBird is a tutor management software for private tutors, tutoring centers, and test prep centers to help them manage students, schedule, billing, online tutoring, and much more. The software supports the business of both single and multiple tutors saving a huge amount of time and effort. Compatible for computers, tablets, and even mobile devices, all its features are accessible on the go. This flexible software has all the features specific to running a successful tutoring business.

TutorBird is quite an adaptable software that facilitates the unique needs of different tutoring businesses. The software claims to be intuitive and easy to use across all devices. Moreover, being a scalable software, it can easily accommodate the growing demands of businesses.



  • Payroll management automatically calculates the amount tutors owe
  • Management of users’ permission as per their responsibilities
  • Generate business reports and spreadsheets in PDF and XSL
  • Flexible invoicing options according to per lesson, semester, week, month, or year


  • Designed for both single and multi-tutor business
  • Free 30-day trial
  • Search engine optimized webpages
  • Lesson recording


  • No online whiteboard
  • Mobile apps missing
  • The software is not white-label
  • The software is not fully customizable

Final Thoughts

These are the top tutoring software available in the market which are highly popular and up to the mark. Launching a tutoring business with any of them is rather simple. Entrepreneurs can read about them in detail and select the one that fulfills their requirements in the best way. It is recommended to avail a free trial or schedule a personalized demo to get a more clear idea before making the final call.

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