Yo!Coach Version 4.2 Released – Explore New Features and Enhancements


In today’s highly competitive eLearning industry, staying ahead with cutting-edge technology has become paramount for the success of any online learning platform. Yo!Coach with its spectacular capabilities to build and manage eLearning marketplaces has helped numerous entrepreneurs in successfully establishing their eLearning platforms. 

However, to keep up with the latest trends and demands of the ever-evolving eLearning industry, Yo!Coach team integrates new features and enhancements to our already feature-packed software. Recently, we have introduced some exciting new features and enhancements in the latest version release Yo!Coach v4.2. 

Let’s explore the new features and enhanced capabilities offered in our latest release Yo!Coach version 4.2:

Yo!Coach V4.2: Discover New Features

Yo!Coach already offers many industry-specific features that make it easy for entrepreneurs to launch, and run their online tutoring marketplace. After understanding the client’s needs and feedback, we have incorporated some new features and enhancements to our software. Let’s know about them in detail. 

Group Chats

With this feature, the system automatically generates a group chat when a teacher sets up a group class. When the students purchase a group class they are automatically included in the group chat. This feature facilitates interaction between teachers and students within the group. Moreover, they can also share documents, and pictures through this group chat. 

Export Feature For All Modules Under Admin Dashboard

Exporting data provides additional flexibility for analyzing and reviewing the business reports. To facilitate that, this new feature enables the admin to export users, orders, sales reports, and other data in a CSV format. 

New Admin Panel UX/UI Design

We have introduced a new admin theme to improve the overall look and feel of the admin panel. With the current theme, administrators can easily access sales statistics, revenue data, recent orders, reports, and more, eventually making well-informed decisions for the growth of their business. 

Help Desk

With this new feature, administrators can seamlessly access the information related to a particular dashboard and its functionality. The availability of the help desk across all the admin modules ensures proper guidance and assistance, simplifying the administrator’s operations. 

Offline Classes and Geo Location

This new feature was integrated to facilitate the session scheduling process between tutors and students for offline sessions. The admin can choose to enable or disable the offline sessions on the platform. When offline sessions are enabled, the administrator sets a default radius in miles for the search location. Utilizing the geo-location functionality, the system seamlessly identifies the location of the learners and suggests tutors within the specified radius. Further, learners book the session by making the payment online.

2-way syncing – Google Calendar

In the two-way syncing feature, the Google Calendar is synchronized with the platform’s calendar, hence, offering the functionality to display events based on both calendars. This feature offers convenience to both learners and tutors while scheduling their sessions. 

Refer and Earn Program

Increase your sales with word of mouth marketing strategy, utilizing this new ‘Refer and Earn Program’ feature. Both students and tutors can refer your platform to potential prospects by sharing their referral links across various platforms. Upon registration or first successful purchase via the link, they receive a reward as decided by the administrator. Both the referrer and referee receive rewards and they can redeem these rewards in their next purchase. 

Affiliate Module

Affiliate marketing is another popular strategy to market your online learning platform and build your brand awareness. With this feature, users can register via the affiliate link, upon every successful purchase made through the referral link, the affiliate will earn a commission. 

Admin Earnings Report

Admin can easily access the earning reports to make strategic business decisions. A separate table will include information related to revenue such as commissions, income from canceled orders, and other revenue sources that you may introduce in the future in your business. 

These were some of the features that we have incorporated into our already feature-rich software. These features were integrated keeping the recent trends and necessities of the eLearning industry in mind. Furthermore, our team has also implemented a few enhancements to our software. Let’s know about them. 

Get a Walkthrough Of New Features and Enhancements Of Yo!Coach Version 4.2

Other Enhancements 

In addition to the new features, the following enhancements have been made:

Cancellation fee to Teacher and Administrator

Previously, the administrator was responsible for holding onto the portion of the cancellation fee that belonged to the teachers. Now with this enhancement, the admin can allow teachers to receive a percentage of refund when an order is canceled. 

Zoom with and without ISV 

Video conferencing is an important aspect of a feature-rich online learning platform. We have enhanced the Zoom meeting tool integration as per their updated requirement for Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) partnership. With ISV agreement in place, partners can seamlessly integrate zoom’s video conferencing features without requiring the users to have separate Zoom accounts or leaving the partner’s platform. Zoom’s meeting and video features can be used right from within the platform. 

UI/UX Improvements 

Well-designed UX/UI is essential for user engagement and satisfaction, eventually leading to better retention and profits. For this reason, various UX/UI enhancements have been successfully implemented. 


Yo!Coach is committed to providing cutting-edge technology and industry-driven features to help entrepreneurs in successfully entering this lucrative eLearning industry. With the release of the latest version 4.2, we offer an advanced software solution to successfully launch their eLearning platforms. 

Our software offers comprehensive functionalities to elevate your online tutoring business to new heights. Book a personalized demo session with our experts and experience how Yo!Coach can work for your eLearning business.

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