Yo!Coach V4.1 Released – New Features, Updates, and Added Value


In a world of technological advancements, eLearning is the new normal. It suits modern society’s accessibility needs of getting information at the click of a button. Keeping pace to meet the needs, we are pleased to announce the release of Yo!Coach V4.1. 

What’s New?

Features of Version4.1

Apple Login

Users can now log in and sign up on the platform using an Apple account using this feature. This means that there is no need to fill out new forms and create new passwords. 

Featured Teachers

Delivering quality results, the teachers can be marked as featured on the platform by the admin. Moreover, featured teachers are displayed at the top of the teacher listing and detail pages with a verified badge on the profile photo. 

Tutor Online and Last Seen 

This feature allows users to view the activity of teachers, i.e., online and last seen. If a teacher is online, they are connected to the system. Here, it is important to note that the activity of teachers will be tracked for 1 hour only. 

Moreover, their online and away status updates will be represented by two different symbols on the profile photo (listing and detail pages). Also, users can even filter online teachers using this feature. 

Mobile Application Support

For the ease of users, the system now supports dedicated mobile applications for learners (iOS and Android both), so that they can access the platform features through their devices.

Admin Manageable Pricing 

For better management, the admin can choose who can add the hourly price of teaching subjects on the platform, i.e., the admin or the teacher. If the teachers are managing the prices, the admin can set maximum and minimum price limits, otherwise, the admin sets the prices. 

Microsoft Translator Text API

As the system supports multiple languages, Microsoft Translator Text API enables auto-translation of:

  • Labels, content blocks, and content pages in other languages under the Admin dashboard.  
  • Teacher Biography, Group Classes, and Packages content on the front end. 

Lessonspace Recording Functionality

This functionality enables auto-recording of the session, which users can replay in their dashboards. There will be an action button, “PLAYBACK” available on the Lessons and Classes listing and detail/view pages. 

SEO Updates

Though the admin can still update and edit details, the system will auto-create the Keywords and Description, Meta Title, OG Image, and so on for SEO. 

Globalization of Currency Formats 

According to global standards, the admin can manage currency formats. Reference doc

Currency Conversion API (

The conversion of currency will be automatic. An integrated currency conversion third-party API is being used. (

Google Tag Manager

The google tag manager configuration allows the admin to manage all of the website tags without having to edit codes. It can be used to add and update Google Ads, Google Analytics, Floodlight, and third-party tags. 

Discussion Forum Module 

This feature allows users to view and post queries, view suggestions, get solutions from other users, and stay updated about relevant content using tags. It also improves the platform’s popularity and encourages social engagement. 

Courses Management

The admin can use this feature to manage the courses module, i.e., enable/disable it. Accordingly, the landing page will change. 

Homepage Management

The admin can now control the order of the content blocks on the homepage through drag-and-drop capabilities included in the CMS area. 

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New Design for Blog Posts Section

There is an interactive new design for the front-end Blog Posts section.

Admin Setting Re-Arrangement

The modules on the settings panel have been re-arranged and placed among matching modules for better classification. 

Date and Time Format Updates

The display format of date and time has been updated for better consistency. 

Auto Deletion of Old Sent Emails 

Old system-sent emails are to be deleted automatically after 45 days to reduce the load from the database. 

User Redirection to Same Page Post Login 

Users will be able to resume their previous action and restore the provided details post-login. For example, if a user has added certain filters to search for teachers, then after login the user will be redirected to the same page where the filters will remain. 

Multiple Alerts & Notifications Management

Email and system notifications have been added to keep the users updated on the discussion forum’s activities. 

UX/UI Improvements & Bug Fixes

Numerous UX/UI improvements and bug fixes have been done to improve the performance of the system.

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Yo!Coach V4.1 is the epitome of refinement. In fact, its launch is a benchmark for businesses in the online tutoring and consultation industry as it enables them to do so much more and generate revenue. For more information about Yo!Coach V4.1, get in touch with us.

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