Yo!Coach V2.4 Release – All You Need to Know


Keeping pace with technology advancements, the new release of Yo!Coach is the quintessence of refinement, poised to enhance the core experience of tutors, learners, and admin. The online learning solution has been modestly sculpted with enhanced features and functionality to provide a good user experience to clients. To take an in-depth look, updates of Yo!Coach V2.4 is listed below. 

What’s New?

Good aesthetics, as you know, speak more than words can describe. To make the platform aesthetically pleasing we have introduced a new feature.

Website and Email Theme Management

This feature offers different themes for website and email templates that can be useful in branding. Any client can choose themes based on their brand color. This will not only help in promoting the brand but will also create a seamless experience across the website and emails. 

Enhancements to Accentuate User Experience

Group Class Slots Management 

This allows the admin to select and manage time slots for group classes. Hence, the admin can give access and provide flexibility to tutors for conducting a class as per the available slots. 

Unread Message Notifications
If a message is unread either by a learner or a tutor, then after a set duration of time (as set by the admin), an unread message notification will automatically be sent to users over the mail, that they have an unread message. 

Attachments in Messages 

It involves using attachments such as documents and images in messages as both tutor and learner can share files. Therefore, by clicking on the attachment, the recipient of the communication can access more information. 

Update Quantity Button Removal 

Earlier there was a button with the purpose to update the cart page with the lesson quantity to be purchased. Now, the update quantity button has been removed and the cart is updated dynamically, hence, providing a smooth checkout experience.

Experience The New and Enhanced Features Yo!Coach V2.4


Yo!Coach has served a spectrum of clients globally. By encapsulating their feedback, the new release of Yo!Coach V2.4 offers its clients radical flexibility, pivotal to staying ahead of the competitive curve. As we, the team of Yo!Coach progress with a holistic approach, contributing toward the success of edupreneurs, your feedback is welcome. 

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