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If anything has changed in the last couple of years, it is that video conferencing has completely transformed the way we interact with each other now. Although video conferencing technology was already present for a long time, the global pandemic gave us no other choice than to adopt it and virtually interact with one another.

Today, anything and everything is taking place over video conferencing from official meetings and fitness coaching to business consultation to culinary coaching. Without any exception, the education industry has also shifted online where video conferencing is as significant as in any other industry. Teachers who were previously familiar with teaching in-person in the classroom have slowly begun adapting new technology to conduct video lectures.

In addition to the convenience, video conferencing offers multiple other benefits to students and tutors in online lectures. According to research conducted by BMC medical education, 82% of the students were highly satisfied with the web conferencing session’s teaching quality making it quite evident that video conferencing makes the learning process more effective and engaging.

Also, increased interaction between tutors and learners positively affects learners’ learning outcomes and achievements. One of the most popular video conferencing tools that is working effectively to effortlessly connect businesses with their users is AtomChat. With a number of interactive and collaborative features, this has become one of the ideal tools to be added to an online learning platform to take student engagement to next level.

Yo!Coach Pre-integrated with AtomChat

After having an insightful examination of all the features of this well-known tool, the team at Yo!Coach has partnered with AtomChat to leverage the benefits of this robust video conferencing tool. The team has pre-integrated AtomChat in Yo!Coach for its users to experience all the features offered by its tool.

The capabilities of this powerful tool enable Yo!Coach to be a key differentiator and provide a competitive edge in the market. It keeps learners and tutors engaged by allowing them to communicate and collaborate seamlessly.

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Features Propelled by AtomChat in Yo!Coach

AtomChat is a full-fledged video conferencing tool to smoothly conduct online sessions on a platform. It is packed with essential features to reinforce user engagement and participation. Let’s have a look at a few of them.

Audio-Video Calling and Conferencing

AtomChat offers a rich and immersive calling experience with its HD audio-video calling and conferencing feature. This feature let users go beyond text chat and have more fun with audio and video calling. Learners get a seamless and reliable video calling experience whether it’s a one-to-one session or a group session.

In addition to all this, one of the major benefits provided by AtomChat is that there is no limit to the number of minutes for conducting sessions.

Text Chat

AtomChat builds a collaborative space for the users by providing a chat platform where users can message each other in real-time using digital tools that enhance the classroom experience. It comes with all the features that a modern instant messaging platform should have such as emojis, stickers, quote-reply, delete messages, etc.

Additionally, the admin can moderate content by restricting the sharing of emails, phone numbers, and hyperlinks. Profanity filters can also be applied by banning words to avoid unwanted spam.

AtomChat’s real-time chat translation feature allows users to have conversations in any language without any delay. This feature helps in breaking the language barrier and serving the global user base more efficiently. 

Screen Sharing

One of the effective ways to share information with one another is by showing, rather than describing. AtomChat allows tutors to share the screen with both mobile and desktop users so that they can easily explain concepts difficult to grasp. It is crucial to show content to learners in order to keep them well-informed and to show them presentations, videos, websites or charts, etc.

Document Sharing

AtomChat lets users transfer and distribute a variety of files instantly, right within the chat window. Learners can even team up to create a collaborative document and process it together. They can access learning material anytime and anywhere, which makes learning and collaborating more convenient.

Whiteboard Integration

AtomChat lets users communicate through texts, drawings, and graphics on the whiteboard. A virtual whiteboard is an extremely useful feature for annotating images, demonstrating a Maths problem, designing any workflow, wireframe, or prototype, and many other things. Moreover, learners can sketch their thoughts onto this virtual whiteboard in real time.

Security feature

AtomChat is a highly secured meeting tool and is enabled with SSL (Secure Socket Layer). This ensures privacy, authentication, and data integrity while conducting sessions on the platform. All important security aspects are in full control of the website owner. It prevents any security breaches while conducting sessions.

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How To Enable AtomChat In Yo!Coach?

Enabling AtomChat in Yo!Coach requires simple steps to follow, go to Manage Settings -> Meeting Tools in the admin dashboard. Once AtomChat is activated, other meeting tools like Zoom and Lessonspace will automatically get disabled. Further, to seamlessly integrate AtomChat, refer to this setup guide

Exclusive Discount for Yo!Coach Customers 

The clients of Yo!Coach get an additional 40% exclusive discount on regular prices of AtomChat. Clients can easily avail of this offer by simply using a coupon code.

Wrap Up

Yo!Coach team understands the importance of a good video conferencing tool for online tutoring, and therefore, comes pre-integrated with a feature-rich tool such as AtomChat. This collaboration will act as an accelerator in transforming the online tutoring industry. Launch your tutoring website with Yo!Coach – Contact us.

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