UK-Based eLearning Platform ‘Grasp’ Secures €3.6 Million Funding


As technology continues to accelerate, the popularity of online learning platforms is on the rise in the UK. With so many online learning platforms available, it is becoming increasingly challenging for learners to find and access the right educational experience.

Learners who are looking to comprehensively learn something, find it very difficult to come across high-quality resources. 

This is where London-based Grasp comes into the picture. It’s a comprehensive eLearning platform that helps people accelerate their learning, expand their knowledge, and polish their skill sets. 

Investors supporting Grasp

London-based venture capital firm Balderton Capitol led the investment. Founded in 2000, Balderton exclusively focuses on European startups and has backed more than 300 startups to date.

Funding To Fuel Growth

This London-based startup has raised €3.6 million in seed funding led by Balderton Capitol. The funding generated will be used to further expand the business growth of Grasp. Ed Mattews, the founder and CEO of Grasp said, they are looking forward to transforming self-learning in a world where skill set requirements are constantly changing and people are hungry to learn.

UK’s eLearning Boom

The eLearning industry of the UK is flourishing, driven by technology, and the growing demand for accessible, convenient, and personalized learning. Estimated to grow at a CAGR of 15.27% and reach $11.57 billion by 2026, the future of eLearning in the UK looks bright, promising, and full of potential.

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