Tuberculosis: 4000 Workers Take Management Training Through Elearning


Recently, in Africa, non-governmental public health institutions have commenced online training, aimed at building a team of 4,000 health workers in Africa for tuberculosis prevention, control, and management. eLearning is playing a pivotal role in fighting against one of the deadliest diseases in the region. 

The use of e-learning platforms for healthcare development holds tremendous potential. These online platforms can play a big role in bridging the healthcare education gap and addressing workforce shortages around the world. Moreover, healthcare consultation platforms are also breaking geographical barriers by connecting quality health experts with patients across borders.

The future of the healthcare industry lies in the eLearning and consultation platforms. According to the reports, the healthcare education market is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 10.8% and reach 150.8 billion by 2027. The insights suggest that the demand for healthcare education and consultation platforms is continuously growing and presents a lucrative opportunity for aspiring health professionals and business owners. 

With the unpredictable spreading of contagious diseases such Covid, Ebola, and more, it becomes important to take precautions and avail medical consultation from the comfort of your home.

Hence, building an online healthcare education or an online doctor consultation platform is the need of the hour. A platform that can cater to the demand of patients in need of urgent care can provide you with a tremendous opportunity to make an impact both socially and financially. 

Want to step into the healthcare industry and build an online healthcare education or a doctor consultation platform? Read this blog for more information.

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