TouchMath Takes a Lead In Early Detection of a Major Learning Disorder


TouchMath, an online Math tutoring platform releases a tool to catch a major learning disorder “Dyscalculia” in children as young as three years old It is a learning disability that makes it hard for learners to learn numbers and do basic mathematics. 

Widely underdiagnosed, this disorder is estimated to affect 5-7% of the population worldwide. 105 million plus learners are estimated to be globally having this math learning disability. It is a lifelong condition that impacts academic & economic progress as well as severely affects self-esteem. 

TouchMath developed the DySc, a free screener, as a powerful tool for early identification in addressing learning difficulties. With the DySc, educators, and parents are equipped with a comprehensive solution to detect this disorder. It takes just 15 minutes for learners to complete their screening. 

Even if students are diagnosed with dyscalculia, they can still succeed in maths with TouchMath’s evidence-based, multi-sensory approach to mathematics. TouchMath’s initiative has come up as a big support for learners living with this disorder. 

TouchMath is catering to a specific pain point of learners with its unique offering. They are targeting a problem that has been there for so long but was not getting addressed properly. They have revolutionized the education industry by providing free screening for such a complex disorder. 

With their online platform, they will touch upon so many lives and impact their future positively. TouchMath is a perfect example of a ‘business with purpose’. 

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