Multilingualism Considered An Essential Skill for US Workforce


According to the American Council of Foreign Language Teachers report, 90% of U.S. employers depend upon a multilingual workforce, yet their demands are not being met and a quarter of them are losing out on lucrative business opportunities. 

This gap is generated as 78% of Americans are monolingual, only being able to speak one language. As globalization is taking hold of many countries, employers have understood the importance of bilingualism for professionals to communicate with the audience around the world. Thus, are preferring multilingual or at least bilingual professionals.

The ability to communicate in more than one language has become a significant skill for availing of job opportunities and financial gains. U.S. Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona said that students should learn multiple languages as it would be a ‘superpower’ in the coming future that can bring success in an increasingly globalized workforce.

Considering the current scenario, we can clearly see that people would be more inclined towards learning more languages in the coming future. People from all age groups, nationalities, and backgrounds would start learning more languages. 

However, this also generates a demand for efficient and feature-rich online language-learning platforms. Developing a reliable online language learning platform can be a lucrative business opportunity for entrepreneurs.

Read this blog to know how you can step into this language-learning industry successfully.

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