List of Popular Niches in the UK to Launch Online Coaching Business


In today’s modern era, online coaching is emerging as a thriving industry, providing learners with numerous opportunities to learn from the comforts of their own homes. In the last few years, the United Kingdom has witnessed a massive surge in the popularity of online coaching businesses across various niches. According to statistics, the online coaching industry in the UK is estimated to grow by USD 11.57 billion by the year 2026. This remarkable growth signifies a tremendous opportunity for budding entrepreneurs to tap into this market with reliable and feature-rich online coaching platforms.

However, before venturing into the realm of the online coaching business, it is essential to identify the right niche that aligns with your business goals and resonates with your target audience. Therefore, in this blog, we share insights on different niches popular in the online coaching industry in the UK, offering insights into areas where you can make a meaningful impact and carve out a successful online coaching business.

Let’s discover the niches that hold a huge potential for growth and lucrative revenue opportunities in the UK’s online coaching industry.

These niches have been carefully selected based on market demand, consumer interests, and the future growth potential of the particular niche. By aligning your online coaching platform with the needs of the UK audience, you can position yourself for success and create a bigger impact in the coaching industry. 

Academic Coaching

Academic coaching niche includes training students to help them develop the skills and resources necessary for academic success. Academic coaches provide guidance, support, feedback, and accountability to students.

Why choose the Academic Coaching Niche?

  • With children wanting support in academic studies, online academic coaching is gaining significant popularity among learners of all age groups in the UK.
  • Learners are seeking personalized guidance from the comfort of their homes.
  • Academic coaching involves working with learners for extended periods of time, hence, allowing you to form long-term relationships with your target audience.

Popular Players: My Tutor, Fleet Tutors

K12 Coaching

K12 coaching focuses specifically on students in kindergarten through 12th grade. Coaches provide support to learners in specific subjects, exam preparation, time management, and more. K12 coaching is also gaining popularity because parents with busy schedules are seeking professional help for their children from an early age.

Why Choose the K12 Coaching Niche?

  • Starting an online K12 coaching business is one of the most flexible business models in the UK. You don’t need a huge establishment and can start from anywhere with an online platform. 
  • Business owners can charge fees on a yearly or class-level basis and can generate a fixed revenue in a year. 
  • This niche can serve a larger base of learners who are navigating through the UK’s education system and are preparing for crucial exams such as GCSEs or A-Levels.

Popular Players: Explore Learning, The Tutor Trust

Financial Coaching

As financial literacy is becoming very important these days, many people in the UK seek assistance in managing their finances. Financial coaches help individuals in creating a well-planned budget, develop investment strategies, and achieve their long-term financial goals.

Why choose the Financial Coaching Niche?

  • High demand for financial guidance especially among millennials. 
  • Recent recession in UK make it important for people to seek guidance in managing their finances. People want to gain skills to make it through the downturn. 
  • Avail more revenue opportunities by partnering with financial service providers, availing advertising opportunities, and offering premium membership plans.

Key Players: Octopus Money, Wealth Coach.

Have An Online Coaching Niche In Mind? But Not Sure About It?

Health and Wellness Coaching 

Health coaching market is expected to reach $34.8 billion by 2031. Living a healthy life has become a priority for many people in the UK and they are preferring online platforms to maintain their health and wellness. A health and wellness coaching platform can cater to this demand by connecting health experts and wellness coaches with potential prospects. Health coaches assist individuals in setting and achieving their health goals. This niche addresses the increasing need for holistic well-being.

Why Choose the Health and Wellness Coaching Niche?

  • Profitable coaching niche as people often embark on a health journey, making small improvements and learning over a longer period of time. 
  • Expand your revenue by providing value-added services like personalized fitness plans, diet plans, weight loss training, and more.

Popular Players: The Wellness Coach

Business Coaching 

UK is one of the best places in the world to start a business. Around 753,168 new startups were founded in the UK between 2021 and 2022 which shows the ecosystem for entrepreneurs is very supportive in the country. At the same time, budding entrepreneurs are looking for the right support and guidance to run successful businesses. A feature-packed online business coaching platform can help you meet this demand and gain lucrative business growth.

Why Choose the Business Coaching Niche?

  • There are 5.7 million businesses in UK and more than 1000 start every single day. Considering the statistics, and the UK being a hub for startups and small businesses, the revenue potential for business coaching is high in the UK. 
  • Connect and build a strong network with other professionals, and entrepreneurs in the industry opening doors to collaborative opportunities, partnerships, and referrals, further expanding your coaching business.

Popular Players: CoachHub, ActionCOACH

Lifestyle Coaching

According to a survey, 80% of adults aged over 18 have decided to modify their lifestyle in the UK. Lifestyle coaches help individuals in maintaining a healthy lifestyle by focusing on areas such as time management, diet management, work-life balance, personal development, and more.

Why Choose the Lifestyle Coaching Niche?

  • Serve a broad target audience ranging from young to adults to old aged people, anyone looking to live a good lifestyle.
  • Lifestyle coaching provides opportunities for business owners to diversify their income stream. In addition to coaching services, other digital products such as e-books, video courses, and membership programs can also be offered through your platform. Hence, expanding the revenue potential.

Popular Players: Noomii, Mindvalley

Relationship Coaching

Around one in five couples in the UK are in distressed relationships and seek guidance to improve their relationships. Relationship coaches assist individuals in resolving their relationship conflicts, enhancing communication skills, and achieving healthier relationship dynamics.

Why Choose the Relationship Coaching Niche?

  • Amidst complicated relationships and a speed dating culture, there is high demand for relationship coaching services in the UK.
  • Online relationship coaching is convenient for people as they resolve conflicts in their relationship over a one-to-one session in the comfort and security of their homes. Hence, compelling more and more people to avail of online relationship coaching services.

Popular Player: Adviice

Law Coaching

A law coaching platform connects law students with qualified legal professionals. Providing guidance to students who are pursuing law studies in the UK and need assistance in core law subjects and other law exams from experts.

Why Choose the Law Coaching Niche? 

  • Studying law in the UK is a popular option for many students after A-Levels. Over the past decade, the number of international students applying to study law at UK universities has increased by 238%. 
  • Students interested in pursuing law must clear law entrance exams in the UK such as Law National Admissions Test (LNAT), and Solicitors Qualifying Examination (SQE). Increase your revenue by providing coaching for these exams along with core law subjects.

Popular Players: The Law Coach, BARBRI

Want to Launch a Similar Online Coaching Platform?

Sports Coaching

With the increase in awareness related to physical health among people of the UK, the demand for online platforms that can connect well-qualified sports coaches with sports enthusiasts is on the rise. Hence, this could prove to be a lucrative niche in the coming future.

Why Choose the Sports Coaching Niche? 

  • According to a survey report by the UK government, two in five adults in the UK choose to have a coach instead of exercising on their own. Hence, creating rapid demand for sports coaching platforms in the UK.
  • The number of sports coaches in the UK has increased tremendously in the last few years to approximately 3,106,000, hence, creating a demand for online coaching platforms that can connect these coaches with a large base of sports enthusiasts.

Popular Player: SportPlan

Life Coaching

Life coaches help individuals lead a positive, happy, and disciplined life, overcome personal challenges, and set & achieve life goals. The need for online life coaching platforms is on the rise in the UK as more people seek guidance on living life in the right direction.

Why Choose the life Coaching Niche? 

  • Establishing a life coaching business is very easy as no real barriers or regulations to UK market entry. 
  • From hospitals to schools, the UK government is supporting this coaching niche to make people more self-reliant and mindful. Consequently, creating huge awareness among people to opt for this type of coaching.

Popular Player: Better Help,

These were some of the most profitable and popular online coaching niches in the UK. Each coaching niche appeals to a diverse audience in the UK and offers various lucrative opportunities. Considering the tremendous demand for each coaching niche in the UK, we can say, now is the right time to enter the online coaching space and offer a feature-rich platform to your target audience.

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Final Thoughts

UK offers a plethora of opportunities from each coaching niche for online coaching businesses. By tapping into the potential these niches offer and leveraging the power of online coaching platforms, aspiring entrepreneurs can avail abundant growth opportunities and build a successful online coaching business in the UK.

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