Language Learning Platform “Preply” Reaches 190 Countries Worldwide


The war could not slow down the growth of this Ukrainian-based ed-tech platform ‘Preply’. Recently, Preply expanded to 30 more countries, reaching almost every other country in the world.

An amazing success story that starts from Ukraine and expands across the globe: founded by Kirill Bigai, Dmytro Voloshyn, and Serge Lukyanov. ‘Preply’ is a global language learning platform with a presence in around 190 countries across the globe.

Headquartered in US Preply connects over 32,000 teachers and experts in 50+ languages around the world. Preply also announced recently a $70 million capital increase which brought the total capital raised by Preply to $120 million.

Preply has seen continuous growth despite the war. Talking about the success of the company, founder Bigai said, “While the team is truly global today, being a Ukrainian-founded company with significant research and development in Ukraine, this is a milestone to celebrate. A milestone that reflects the resilience of Ukrainians.”

How Preply Become Popular?

Preply has already been a popular and established name in the industry even before the start of the war. Moreover, this platform continuously keeps innovating and integrating new technology to offer the best services to its users.

They offer diverse courses as per the unique needs of the learners and provide them with a collaborative learning environment. The highlights of Preply include seamless video conferencing tools, personalized lesson plans, one-to-one sessions, and more making it a popular language learning platform among learners.

Beating All Odds

Despite all the odds, war, conflict, economic crisis, and global turmoil, this unstoppable language-learning platform survived and thrived proving the resilience of this booming industry and insatiable demand worldwide.

This also proves that Preply operates on a sustainable and effective business model that offers fail-proof business opportunities. The success achieved by Preply sparks hopes for several entrepreneurs aspiring to enter this industry and establish successful businesses.

If you too are inspired by the success story of Preply and thinking about entering the language learning domain, then you must gain insights into the business model and key features of Preply first. Start by reading this blog.

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