Langly – A Revolutionary Language Learning Platform Launched


As per recent reports, Langly, a free English Language learning platform has been launched. Incorporating storytelling and gamification into Oxford English teaching materials, Langly offers a cohesive study, taking learners from A1 to C1 level.

Vitalli Petrosyan, CEO of Langly Inc. said in an interview that their goal is to provide a truly efficient, captivating, and immersive language learning solution for learners around the world. Langly is based both on gamified approach and Wide Angle Course, which is a piece of Oxford University trustworthy material – elaborated by the top professionals in the field.  

That said, the launch of Langly is a significant milestone in the language learning industry. Using the platform, learners can embark on an immersive learning experience as it brings together the expertise of Oxford University and the power of gamification.


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