How To Create an Online Tutoring Platform Like Superprof


Superprof is an online tutoring platform that connects 20 million tutors with learners all around the world. This platform ranks among the top 10 online tutoring platforms in the UK and around the world. Also, in just a few years, Superprof has established its presence in 28 countries and has helped millions of tutors start their journey of launching their own teaching businesses. 

Superprof was founded by Wilfried Granier and Yann Leguillon in 2003 and is headquartered in the European Union region. Here, tutors offer online and in-person classes to their students in more than 1000+ academic subjects ranging from Maths, Chemistry, Music, and Coding to other skills like Salsa, Cumbia, Guitar, etc. 

Not only core subject teachers, but artists, and performers from all over the world also use this platform to share their skills with learners. This way Superprof effectively bridges the gap between tutors and learners. As Superprof is one of the most popular online tutoring platforms, let’s know more about it to deeply understand its functionality and growth journey. 

How Does Superprof  Work for Tutors?

Superprof is essentially an eCommerce marketplace for teachers, where teachers connect with the platform’s student user base and teach according to their own curriculum and time availability. Tutors simply need to make a profile on the platform and start teaching. They are not charged a fee for setting up their profile; nor do they pay Superprof to maintain their profile page.

Further, tutors are free to set their per-hour rates based on whichever criteria they feel are relevant, be it their level of education or teaching expertise, or their geographic location. The platform charges a processing fee of 10% if a tutor decides to avail their lesson payment through Superprof, but they are free to collect their fee through any other external payment source they seem fit. 

Plus, Superprof offers maximum flexibility to tutors to decide their own working hours and to design their own course. Superprof does not meddle in how any tutor conducts their business. Furthermore, Superprof has a dedicated support team to assist tutors with anything from setting up their profiles to giving advice on how to set up their business and teaching schedules.

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How Does Superprof Work for Students?

Learners find diverse courses and millions of tutors, artists, and performers on this platform to brush up on their skills. They simply search and view tutors’ profiles and contact any tutor based on their criteria like rates, certification, reviews, at-home or online lessons,  etc. 

Afterward, students can easily communicate and schedule their lessons with the tutors or coaches. To gain access to Superprof’s more than 10 million tutors around the world, learners need to pay a monthly subscription fee depending on the country they are from. They get a grace period of 30 days to decide whether they want to continue the subscription or not.

In addition to the subscription fee, the learners need to pay the hourly rate listed by their tutor on their profile page for the lessons they will conduct.

Revenue Streams of Superprof


Superprof allows learners to connect with more than 10 million tutors on its platform and for that, it charges a monthly fee. This subscription fee depends on the country the learners belong to, including the conversion rates. These subscriptions are one of the main revenue channels of Superprof. 

Commission From Tutors

Though tutors can make profiles and can get connected to students for free on this platform, it charges a commission or a processing fee on any payment facilitated through the platform.

Opting for online payment through Superprof has many advantages like :

  • Secured payment
  • Payment at the end of the course or monthly
  • Dedicated team to support tutors

Premium Club

This is a facility for tutors to become premium club members to boost their visibility on the platform. The platform provides statistics to help tutors improve their visibility and a dedicated team to support them. Also, Superprof takes zero commission from premium members on payments received from learners.

The membership cost around $9 a month and $69 for a yearly subscription. Many teachers have seen a tremendous increase in their number of bookings after opting for premium membership.

Launch Your Own Online Tutoring Platform Like Superprof

The extraordinary success of Superprof has stimulated the interest of many entrepreneurs in this industry. And considering the overall growth of this sector, we can anticipate that it is going to be a lucrative business space for budding entrepreneurs to enter.

If you are also inspired by the journey of Superprof and want to start a similar online tutoring platform of your own, Yo!Coach is a one-stop solution for you. Yo!Coach is a ready-made online tutoring software solution to build a platform similar to Superprof. This is a fully customizable, white-label solution to cater to the needs of an online tutoring platform effectively.

It is integrated with popular video conferencing APIs and payment gateways and provides highly interactive tools for a better user experience for both tutors and students. 

The main features of this solution include:

  • Video chat
  • Virtual whiteboard
  • Flashcards
  • Textpad
  • Multiple Screen Sharing
  • Language Translation
  • Group/One-To-One classes

Want To Launch A Feature-Rich Online Tutoring Platform?

In addition to these features, this solution allows business owners to manage their online platform efficiently by providing specific admin-oriented features like: 

  • User Management
  • Lesson Management
  • CMS Management
  • Marketing Module
  • Commission Management
  • Payment Method Management
  • Currency Management

Yo!Coach Team has helped several entrepreneurs in building their online tutoring platforms and is looking forward to serving more budding entrepreneurs.

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