How Affiliate Module Works In Platforms Built with Yo!Coach?


The online learning industry is booming. With the rise in the number of online tutoring platforms, the competition is high. Marketing your platform effectively has become a vital component for ensuring the success of your online tutoring platform. In this ever-evolving landscape, affiliate marketing has emerged as one of the popular marketing tactics for promoting your business and increasing its reach. 

Many eduprenuers are taking advantage of this marketing technique and gaining high benefits for their business. Considering its importance, we have incorporated a robust affiliate marketing module in our already advanced and feature-rich online tutoring software– Yo!Coach. Many of our clients are taking advantage of this specification present within our software and are utilizing it to promote their online tutoring business effectively. 

In this blog, we will cover the affiliate marketing module, the benefits of affiliate marketing for your tutoring business, and how this module works in platforms built with Yo!Coach. Let’s begin.

What is an Affiliate Marketing Module?

In affiliate marketing, the users enroll in your affiliate marketing program as affiliates and promote your online tutoring platform in their social network. They use their unique affiliate link to market your online tutoring platform. When new users register or purchase any course on your platform, the affiliate partner gets rewarded as per the commission specified by the admin. 

An affiliate marketing module is a system that can streamline this process and make it easy for you to implement this market strategy for your business.  Further, let’s understand the advantages of incorporating affiliate marketing in your online tutoring business.  

Advantages of the Affiliate Marketing For Your Online Tutoring Business? 

Considering that the global affiliate marketing industry is forecasted to reach $27.78 billion by 2027. It is no surprise that so many businesses are inclined towards utilizing this form of marketing to benefit their business. There are numerous benefits to including affiliate marketing in your marketing plan. Let’s know about them. 

  • Maximize Reach: By collaborating with affiliate marketers, you can tap into their network and make your business reach out to potential customers who are interested in online tutoring services offered by your platform. 
  • Brand Recognition: Affiliate marketing is a highly effective way to build strong brand recognition and improve customer acquisition. Affiliates often spread the word about your online tutoring business positively, you have your own brand ambassadors to advertise your business. Moreover, through affiliate marketing, you can also build relationships with social media influencers and successful bloggers to help drive organic traffic on your platform. 
  • Low Cost: This marketing strategy is cost-effective as compared to traditional marketing methods. You will pay the affiliates only when users brought by them are acquired.
      • Easy to Execute: Users can simply register as affiliates on the platform, share their affiliate link, and start earning. Moreover, affiliates can use multiple channels such as social media, blog posts, emails, and others to advertise and share their affiliate links. This makes the process of joining and earning even more easy for the affiliates, eventually benefiting your business.

      Now that you have gained knowledge about the affiliate marketing module and its benefits, let’s understand the workflow of the affiliate marketing module. 

      Workflow of an Affiliate Marketing Module

      In this section, let’s demystify the core workings of the affiliate marketing module in platforms built with Yo!Coach. Admin is completely responsible for managing all the settings of an affiliate marketing module. Here are the admin-level settings to successfully start the affiliate marketing program.

      Admin Level Settings: 

      • First, the admin enables the affiliate module by clicking on the manage settings option, followed by general settings, and then the affiliate setting. By selecting the checkbox, the admin can easily enable the affiliate module on the platform.
      • Next, the admin sets the rate of commission (flat amount) that the affiliates will receive on user registration through their affiliate link.
      • The admin also sets a minimum withdrawal amount that an affiliate can withdraw. 
      • Finally, the admin determines the affiliate commission rates applicable globally and affiliate-specific commission rates. 
      • Also, under the view reports section present in the admin dashboard, the admin can view affiliate reports and gain insights about the progress of the affiliate marketing program. 

      Admin can easily manage and implement affiliate marketing module settings on its platform. Further, let’s understand how affiliates can promote your online tutoring platform and earn revenue.

      Looking For A Tutoring Software Offering Powerful Marketing Features?

      How Users Can Get Started With Your Affiliate Marketing Program?

      • Users who are interested in joining your affiliate marketing program can click on the ‘Become an Affiliate’ link on your website. They will be directed to a registration page, where by adding necessary details they can enroll in your affiliate marketing program. 
      • After becoming an affiliate they can start referring your platform by sharing their unique affiliate link. They can share this link via the copy-paste method, email, or social media (WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, and Telegram)
      • If anyone clicks on the link shared by the affiliate they will be redirected to the registration page from where they can register on your platform. Later, upon successful registration of the referee, the affiliate receives the award as set by the admin.
      • Furthermore, when the referee makes the first purchase on the platform and once the purchased session is marked completed, then the affiliate receives the award on the session price as specified by the admin. 
      • The affiliate can request to redeem these reward amounts as and when required. 

      The affiliate marketing module works in the following way in platforms built with Yo!Coach. If you need any further guidance, feel free to reach out to our team of experts.


      Affiliate marketing offers a plethora of benefits for entrepreneurs looking to reach a broader audience and grow their business. By incorporating a robust affiliate marketing module in your business you can set yourself up for a long-term success in the industry. You can also consider tutoring software like Yo!Coach that comes pre-integrated with an affiliate marketing module to implement this marketing strategy in your business successfully.

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