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The holiday season is here, and while that may mean good times with family and friends, many individuals take this as a perfect opportunity to learn new skills. And what’s more, the ease offered by contemporary eLearning platforms will make learning a joyous part of holidays fun.

That being said, as an entrepreneur, if you are looking to launch an eLearning platform, the timing couldn’t have been better as many people will use the start of a new year as a chance to invest in themselves. So, for extra joy all season long, we are offering an exclusive discount on our eLearning solutions.

Special New Year Offer to Make Your Spirits Brighter

Built especially to give you a competitive edge in the industry, our solutions – Yo!Coach and Yo!Coach Plus are now available at a special discount of up to 50%. Continue reading to know more.

Yo!Coach (Non-White Label) – Is a readymade tutoring and consultation software that is developed for entrepreneurs to headstart their eLearning business with ease. It encapsulates an array of robust features and functionalities, which tutors can use to deliver one-to-one or group online sessions to learners. It has a dedicated admin panel that provides full control to manage every aspect of your eLearning platform. Under the non-white label plan, the product will come with our signature & you will not be able to rebrand the platform. Yo!Coach (Non-White Label) is available at an enticing discount price of $999.

Yo!Coach (White Label)Under a white label plan, the product will come without our signature & you will have complete freedom to rebrand the platform as per your business. This New Year, get Yo!Coach (White Label) at a special price of $1,499.

Yo!Coach Plus – Is an online course marketplace software that is designed to launch a platform like Udemy or Coursera. In addition to all the synchronous learning features offered by Yo!Coach, Yo!Coach Plus facilitates tutors/subject experts to add and sell pre-recorded courses. It also allows tutors to provide certificates to learners for skill authentication. Adding to your New Year, Yo!Coach Plus is now available at a discount price of $2,499.

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Wrapping Up

eLearning is a gift that keeps on giving. So, with New Year around the corner, it’s time for you to spread the sparkle of learning through your eLearning platform. Just hop on the sleigh and kickstart your entrepreneurial journey with Yo!Coach.

Give your Online Learning Business a Head Start with Yo!Coach

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