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Introduced in the Open edX 2023 conference at the MIT Campus, Axim Collaborative is a new online education initiative by Hardvard and MIT. It is a venture designed for an underserved group of students with less access to quality education. 

  • The two institutions are funding Axim Collaborative with $700 Million they received for the sale of edX, an online learning platform that was founded in 2012.
  • Stephanie Khurana, is the founding CEO.
  • During the interview, she mentioned that Axim Collaborative is taking on the responsibility of preserving edX’s original mission, which is to offer increased accessibility to high-quality learning opportunities.
  • Axim Collaborative supports the Open edX platform that serves global learners.
  • It also runs the Open edX project, which provides scalable learning software technology to educational institutions, government organizations and enterprises.
  • Axim as a name – is the hybrid of the two ideas of access and impact.
  • The nonprofit is determined to steer ahead by catalyzing new digital and education practices that engage students, aid them to ace in their programs and excel in their careers.
  • The nonprofit is focused on partnering with institutions and organizations that are deeply committed to educational equity, all in support of strong student outcomes and a deeper social impact.,

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