A Slew of Edtech Companies Announce their Plans to Incorporate Generative AI into their Products


With company executives rooting for the revolutionary possibilities of generative AI tools like ChatGPT, Stable Diffusion, and GitHub Copilot, numerous edtech companies recently announced their intentions to integrate generative AI into their offerings. These include companies like Coursera, edX, Anthology, and Pearson.

Recently, Anthology, the company behind the Blackboard Learn learning management system, revealed its collaboration with Open AI. The partnership focuses on developing a course-building assistant for instructors and tools that can generate test questions from course materials and create grading rubrics.

Among several companies, Coursera and edX, have launched ChatGPT plugins for ChatGPT Plus subscribers to aid users find learning materials from the elearning platforms’ libraries of course content.

Pearson’s CEO Andy Bird also said that Pearson+ app would be upgraded with ChatGPT powered features. These enhancements would automatically summarize video content into bullet points and employ chatbots trained with Pearson’s course materials. These chatbots will guide students in navigating complex concepts.

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